29th Aug 2013, 15:06

Further update - it was minor doom. The alarm won't set itself properly when I lock the car - in fact it starts to go off. The remedy is to leave my car unlocked. Super. When it has one of these fits and starts, the immobiliser joins in and intermittently won't disengage; cue a call to the AA. They piggy back me to the dealer who can't find the source of the fault, so resets the system and the next day we start the process all over again. The AA guy tells me this also isn't uncommon on Fords?

Seems to me Ford were OK with Cortinas and Escorts, but as motor car technology has progressed, Ford haven't really been able to fully keep abreast of developments.

Conclusion? After 18 months and 45k miles, the car is garbage.

6th Dec 2013, 13:58

Well 3 months and another 4k miles on and it's at it again - fuel filter blocked, the car is in limp home mode, and will have to be back to the dealers again on Monday - I urge anybody thinking about one of these as a purchase to look elsewhere, as there are vehicles from other manufacturers that do the job more reliably than this. I mean it's one thing to supply and fit parts that don't last as long as they are supposed to, but for those parts to not last as long as the actual service intervals themselves is frankly unacceptable. It's time and inconvenience for me as this is a lease car - for an owner driver - well they'd be paying for all this crap too!!!

23rd Mar 2014, 05:44

Many thanks, you have helped make my mind up!

5th Apr 2014, 10:57

Well this car continues to underwhelm with ease - on 50k miles, another breakdown - another tow home - another new fuel filter needed. That's the 5th replacement (6th in total) - according to the service schedule it should be on its 2nd, having had just one replacement at 37500 and the next not due until 75k. Great eh?

It's now added a new trick to its repertoire - there's a growing rust scab in the centre of the roof - paint is peeling off as a result, and according to Ford I have no comeback on any of their body or paint warranties.

Fuel consumption gone up; now sub 44 MPG.

My advice - steer well clear.

16th Nov 2014, 15:31

This car has just gone back to the leasing company - two guys came to pick it up driving a Hyundai i10 - neither of them wanted to leave behind the wheel of the Ford, preferring the Hyundai city car instead - says it all really - gone and good riddance.

24th Dec 2014, 20:46

The ghost of this lemon continues to haunt me - got a call from the new owner who was trying to establish the car's history - he bought from a dealer - seems the gearbox has now gone... Jeez.

21st Jan 2015, 22:58

Yep - got one of these - in less than 3 years I have had the fuel filter problem - C/L has intermittent fault - "mapping problem" means it keeps going into limp home mode - had a new gearbox too and today the wipers have gone. Motor works, but pump pick up failed. The three year warranty is up in a couple of years - the dealer offered me a derisory trade in value (they know it's a lemon), so I will cross the road to Nissan and get a Qashqai I think!

14th Feb 2016, 13:18

Yeah typical modern car problems. As if you needed any more evidence on cost cutting - the spare tyre thing. Is it really so hard to give us a spare wheel? For the tiny bit of extra space it would take up, I'd gladly have one rather than the useless puncture repair kit garbage. I know it's been said a million times and is a cliché, but honestly - give me the good old days :)

1st Jun 2016, 23:10

The daftest thing about the tyre - sorry tire-inflation kit is that it saves no space. The car still has a spare wheel well in the boot into which the box containing the kit goes, however the hole is too big so it's supplied in a polystyrene retaining thing that fills the spare wheel well and holds it in place - so taking the spare out doesn't even give you that wee bit more boot space...

7th Apr 2021, 06:44

The tire inflating kits are useless, and to add to the insult, it also damages the tire pressure sensor. A disaster that is impossible to figure how to use, and as you mention, it only works if the puncture is only slightly leaking, which guess what, it's almost never the case. On the other side, run flat tires are another disaster on most cars. The old spare tire is the way to go.