1985 Ford Capri Special 2.8 injection from UK and Ireland


In 1983 it probably was the business, but at 1999 parts and fuel prices, you can do better elsewhere


Heater fan never worked- a real pain when the screen was misted up.

I had to put a gearbox in the car when I bought it from my best friend - £150 for a 5 speed. These are known to be weaker than the 4 speeders.

The reason for the low reliability score is the fact that it simply refused to start on more than one occasion, even though no fault could be found.

General Comments:

Let's shoot down a few 2.8i myths shall we? For such a quick car the brakes were barely adequate, even with vented discs and braided hoses. It was noisy, crashy and the ease with which it went sideways in the wet was lethal. Some owners will tell you it's fun - not when you're driving home after work at 2am in London and you just want to get home.

Sure it was quick, especially in it's day, but you've really got to wind it up - not much flexibility at all. And you pay the price at the pumps - I never saw more than 20mpg. The Mk2 Escort RS2000 I owned afterwards was much better, laser sharp throttle response and gearchange unlike the Capri.

Despite being a Dagenham dustbin, the parts are not cheap - if you bend it (and you will with that sloppy back end...) the panels are stupid money. As are the interiors, as all the boys want the bits for their 1.6 L's. Fast Fords of a certain age seem to be seriously inflated in value, considering their lack of sophistication and limited abilities, and the plain fact they are Fords, not Alfa's or BMW's.

Despite this, these cars will always have their fans, and not without reason. They are the epitome of the muscular cheap coupe in terms of styling and image. For a lot of people, that is enough.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2001

20th Jan 2002, 11:33

A bit unfair on the old 2.8. She's a performance car - you shouldn't expect to get many mpg out of her - and with a V6 engine, she's always going to produce a bit of noise! Also, I don't know where you go, but I find the parts are cheap and plentiful.

1985 Ford Capri Injection Special 2.8i petrol from UK and Ireland


In three years: gear box, steering rack, radiator, exhaust etc. Nothing too bad or expensive.

General Comments:

A great car - undeserving of the poor opinion many people have. The Capri is a great individual amongst a plethora of identical boring modern cars.

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Review Date: 16th July, 1999

1985 Ford Capri Laser 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Track control arm bushes wore out - that's the only expensive thing (about £300 fitted) and the sunroof winder snapped off (£3 from the scrapyard).

General Comments:

Unfortunately the whole car has now seen better days (after 140,000 miles) but I can honestly say that buying it was the best £650 I've spent. 4 years of blissful motoring in what is still the coolest car on the road.

Capri's Rule!

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Review Date: 31st December, 1998

26th Aug 2008, 16:40

You paid 300 for track control arms!? I work in a mechanics and track control arms on a Capri are around £50, and take around 2 hours, I can't see how they could justify 250 labour.