25th Jul 2002, 09:15

Totally unjustified, parts expensive? I think you must be mistaken. Parts are cheap and plentiful, a new wing costs £140 from a ford dealership, compare this to a new wing on a Toyota MR2 at £500 and you soon see how cheap these cars are to run.

And by saying that the handling is poor, and that you have had to replace body panels in the past obviously says a lot about your driving skills.

11th Jan 2003, 18:18

Michael fowler.

I own a Capri a 2.8 and I think it's the greatest car I have ever driven! It might not be the fastest or hold the road in the wet, but who cares? It has a lot of character, which is more than can be said about more modern cars. Who wants to go for a drive and not have to think about driving? Not me.

3rd Jun 2004, 18:21

Obviously someone who just doesn't 'get' the Capri experience.

I bought my first Capri a year ago and have found it to be the best car I have ever owned, (and yes I've had a few modern ones!). I was a bit apprehensive about the Capri's reputation to be a bit 'tail happy' but I've found this too be massively exagerated. Only when provoked or driven with ignorance will the back end become a problem.

I reguarly drive my standard Capri hard, including high speed cornering and have not had any incidents in 30,000 miles.

Yes you can buy more sophisticated sports cars that return higher MPG, but will a 200SX, 3 series, MR2 or any other bland modern car, but will they turn as many heads as a Capri?! I think not! Does a five year old coupe have remotely as much character as the retro style of the Capri? No chance!

The Ford Capri, not everyone gets it, or deserves it!