1986 Ford Capri 280 Turbo 2.8i from UK and Ireland




Intermittent electrical faults.

Steering rack needs replacement.

Corrosion around the front of the car.

General Comments:

I have always been a Capri fan, since my parents bought a brand new 1.6 GT4 in 1980. The shape was so evocative.

Now, 25 years later, I have my own 'ultimate' Ford Capri, a 280 (Brooklands) Turbo.

People told me the Tickford, a Capri modified by Aston Martin was the ultimate one to have, but I hated the bodykit added to them. Made the car look vulgar.

I also knew that there was a good percentage of 2.8 Injection Special and 280 Capri's modified by dealers when new, by Turbo Technics. They added 2 different types of turbo, one delivering 200bhp and another outputting 230bhp.

Mine is the 200 bhp.

That though, is more than enough thank you. The car doesn't feel like it has a turbo - normally you build the revs, then get a cutomary push in the back as the turbo kicks in. The turbo 280 feels more like a low pressure turbo, helping the engine as it revs. It pulls harder and harder the more it revs and sound absolutely glorious. It has a stainless steel single exit exhaust - (this is how you can tell a genuine Turbo Technics conversion - 1 tailpipe on a 2.8 Capri), this is so the turbo can regulate the pressure from each bank of pistons (being a V6 configuration), otherwise it would have needed twin turbos and that would have been a nightmare to balance correctly.

Overall, the car is in very good condition, bought from Affordable Classics in Great Yeldham, Essex.

It was bought in October 2004 with 69,000 miles on the clock, an excellent service history and 2 owners from new. The interior is in great condition, the leather hasn't been ripped or torn.

The front of each wing is starting to rust through. This had been repaired prior to my collecting the car, but as you would expect, it's coming back. I will replace the wings in due course and get the inner wings repaired at the same time - they always rust on Capri's.

I will also get the heads converted to run on unleaded in due course - I intend to keep this baby.

If you can find another, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Power, looks, noise, this car has everything - it turns heads EVERY TIME I take it out. 2.8 Capris are currently starting to rise in value, so even without the turbo, you had better be quick - they are only going one way in value!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

1986 Ford Capri Injection Special 2.8 V6 from UK and Ireland


Rear wheel drive classic fun


Regular belt changes.

Fuel sender unit replaced - very common fault.

New LSD @ 95,000.

Re-con gearbox @ 95,000.

Leather seats starting to wear on driver's side.

Strut tops starting to bubble.

Rust on the bonnet and wheel arches.

General Comments:

I am a Capri fan, the comments above are par for the course with the Capri and should not discourage anybody from owning one.

It is not the most comfortable driving position as pedals and steering wheel are slightly to the right of center as you sit square (for Right hand drive models).

The Capri Club International can help keep running costs very low and there are a good network of garages and clubs throughout the UK which help 'keep the legend alive'.

The V6 roar is tremendous, I have a Capri Club performace exhaust on mine and it doesn't half turn heads.

For a car developed in the late 70's/early 80's it is excellent. They are certainly showing their age now and you will get squeaks and bumps and rust, but also some admiring looks and great fun.

Rear wheel drive is brilliant fun, but can catch you out in the wet. My advice is to get a rear axle location kit which firms up the back end considerably. At least if it's going to go you'll know about it.

A great entry car into the potential rear wheel super car world, although it's nowhere near one itself, it will teach you respect.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2003