12th Dec 2000, 16:21

I have to agree, the 2.8i is a great motor... my brother used to own one and it went like stink and sounded great... I can't afford the insurance so I will have to stick with my AX GT which is quick enough!

1st Jan 2001, 05:44

I purchased my 2.8 in May this year and have never had a single fault, there are minor faults (interior worn) but the car is 14 years old.

I cannot fault the engine in any way and the handling in the wet is something you can rectifiy by modifying it. If anyone worries about insurance then get it under "classic car", you will be limited in mileage, but I got Fully Comp for £250 and do not have a no claims bonus, so how's that for cheap motoring?

13th Mar 2001, 05:19

Could you please tell me how to get a classic policy on your Capri? What company did you go with? Any chance of a phone number?


30th May 2001, 07:56

Haha... Bought mine in October... 500 quid another 500 to sort the brakes and steering rack.. insurance is a killer but then I've been banned... drive it every day to work and it works fantastic... You can see the envy in the eyes of kids with hot hatches as you pull up next to them and rev the HUGE sounding V6... mwah I love my car.

4th Apr 2003, 07:04

I have a 3.0 Capri and bought it immediately when I heard the V6 engine. Though it was in a scrap yard at the time it was running and relatively OK mechanically. I've had some problems with the engine, but that may be because of neglect and the fact that it's approaching 100k miles and no evidence of a service for some time. The insurance is going to be awful because I'm a student and only just started driving. It's an awesome car and I wouldn't sell it for any amount.

19th Sep 2004, 05:02

Just got myself a 2.8 i, never had one before. Back in the eighties I used to have 3.0 litres. I paid just under two grand for this one, but to me it's worth a lot more. It's a 1982, four speed with a straight through stainless steel exhaust system, sounds awesome and it's only done 44,000 miles. My comment is, "If you've got a 2.8 and it's a five speed, drive a four speed, for you may want to change that box!!!"