2000 Ford Contour SE Sport 2.5L V6 from North America


Decent transportation for the money


Plastic sunroof mechanism gear (80,000 miles) (found a better replacement online).

Fuel pump failure (70,000 miles).

Emergency brake cable rusted up (60,000 miles).

Clutch (50,000 miles) (I live with it).

General Comments:

I like the acceleration & fuel mileage. If I behave myself, I can get 30+ MPG highway.

It is a brutal car to drive at highway speeds; my biggest beef being road noise transmitted through the body.

The reliability and cost to repair are a fraction of what my Audi was, which is why I bought it in the first place.

The clutch is crap; it shudders launching it in 1st & the pedal action is not smooth. I rarely use 1st because it's SO low. The final drive ratio is such that the engine turns at 3500 RPM @ 70 MPH. It's a bit high for my liking.

The engine is great, though you have to get it wound up a bit to get any power out of it.

The interior is classic cheap plastic Ford. BUT it has held up!

The steering is quick, though a bit too much for the highway (kinda go-cart like).

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Review Date: 9th September, 2009

2000 Ford Contour SE from North America


Looks good, runs good, but not happy with the dash board


My dash board is warped. I called Ford to see if there was a recall. I got nowhere. They said they did have many complaints about it.

The Ford dealer said it would cost me $1,000 to replace the dash. This is crazy, why would this not be a recall if they have had many complaints? Who ever heard of a dash being warped so bad that it is lifted from the window.

Can anyone help me. My email is mingybella@aol.com

Thank you.

General Comments:

It handles great on the road.

Dash board has warped.

The wiper stem has pulled away from the knob.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2008

4th Nov 2013, 11:22

I just bought a used 2000 Contour and just about the only blemish it has is the stinking dashboard, same as yours. It must have been a common problem. :/

2000 Ford Contour SE 2.5 V6 from North America


My wife loves Homer as much as I do


The factory A/C-Heater blower motor quit in summer of '03. Had it replaced (due to finances) in summer of '05.

Front brake pucks & discs were allowed to die in the summer of '04, and then completely replaced.

Blew out factory radio speakers in fall of '04. Cassette tape deck quit in May of '06.

General Comments:

"Homer the Roamer" & I bonded on the weekend of my purchase of him. I was allowed to take him home on my 55th birthday and keep him for the weekend. The dealer's salesman said to bring him back on Monday, my late father's birthday, and either leave him or purchase him. My 27-year-old daughter, who accompanied me on the shopping trip/test drive said, "Dad, you've GOT to BUY this one, it's a total "chick magnet". So I did! On Monday, of course.

He's quite quick even at 8 years old, and he performed exquisitely on a 1,058 mile trip to Connecticut and back to Portsmouth, VA on Memorial Day weekend, just two short years ago. I plan to keep Homer until his engine blows up, just as I did with Little Boy Blue, his 1994 Ford Escort predecessor.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

2000 Ford Contour SE V6 from North America


Great car, just keep up with the maintenance as with anything in life


CODE (PO708) Range Sensor Switch, dealer replaced it at no additional cost to me, A'men.

I hear a little noise when I press the brakes, took it to the mechanic he said, "Don't worry, brakes are fine, that's just dust that gets into the system." But, overall the brakes do work. I believe if he was lying he would have replaced something just to make some extra money, right?

General Comments:

Great car for its price; bought it for $3400 cash deal including, (Tags, Taxes, you know). I went to this other dealership down my way and they wanted over $8000 for the same model and year, mileage, etc. I researched the trade in value was at almost $6,000. Only had one owner (fleet), I guess they take care of the maintenance and wear down of their cars, they are a rental company, I guess my statement is true.

I love this car, wife also. Great for basic driving on city streets. Took it for a 100 mile drive to Atlantic City, drove it at 90 mph, to open it up, as they say to do, but; remained at 65 mph, drove great, I really enjoyed the drive.

I plan on keeping up with the maintenance and never ever selling it. Not to get off topic, trust in the Lord, for he controls everything, Amen, bye.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2007