2000 Ford Contour SE Sport 2.5L V6 from North America


Excellent performance great price


Honestly I have had no problems with this car. All I have done is basic maintenance (oil change, air filter, brakes, etc.)

The only design flaw with the Contour is with hard right cornering the oil pump will become uncovered and you will loose your oil pressure until you are done turning. Not very good for the engine, solution buy an oil accumulator and you will not have to worry about the loss of oil pressure with hard cornering.

General Comments:

Excellent value, no other car comes close to the Contour for it's value.

Very fast for a Sedan, I have raced a number of sport cars and have won.

The Contour corners beautifully, I can take 90 degree right turns at 50+MPH.

Very reliable, have had no problems with this car.

There are a number of great mods that are becoming availible for this car now that some people are starting to catch on.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

21st Dec 2005, 02:20

Quality??? contour??? must have been a previous fiat or yugo owner...

4th Apr 2006, 07:02

The bit about taking a 90 degree corner at 50MPH is clearly BS. This destroys any credibility which might have been given to your thoughts on the Oil pump problem, (which also sounds a bit like BS. (especially given that it is coming from a guy yho takes 90 degree turns at 50 MPH in a vehicle weighing 1.5 tons. Hevent you heard about the laws of physics?

15th Jun 2006, 03:38

This car is sold in the UK and Europe as the Mondeo (built in Belgium), and has a great reputation for reliability. We have two in our family (UK) with 200,000 miles on them and both are still reliable enough to be able to do 1,000 mile trips without having to worry about something breaking or the car leaving us stranded.

It was the classic British "fleet" car which companies would buy or lease for their salespeople or engineers to cover 1,000-1,500 miles per week in for 3 years without any major maintenance issues. The ads are full of 3 year old ex fleet cars with 150,000 miles and still in perfect running order. They're dirt cheap and make great, safe, reliable family cars. I'm on my second.

3rd Aug 2006, 13:06

I can’t say I agree with this being to best car, but I do enjoy it. I have had my Contour Sport for 5 years now, and it spends more time in the shop then I would like to pay for!

2nd Jul 2008, 14:07

I have a 2000 Contour sport and I have loved it since day one.

However, the dash board has warped. I have tried to get some results from Ford but no answers. I was told that many other owners have had this problem. Tell me then, why hasn't there been a RECALL for this? It only has 55,000 miles on it and looks great and in good condition. Any suggestions:

An Ohio owner.

2000 Ford Contour SE Sport V6 24v from North America


Ford: quality job none


Mass airflow sensor - replaced due to pinging in the engine.

Car wouldn't start - reprogrammed the computer due to a flooding issue.

Howling noise when cold - replaced sensor in the air filter box.

Climate control blower only works at high speed. Need to replace the blower resistor. Earlier cars were recalled for this problem. I was told that this is a discontinued model, save your receipt and maybe Ford will recall and pay you back.

General Comments:

I purchased the car because it appeared to offer a lot of value for the money. I have been proven wrong. The car has a very powerful engine. It is a joy to toss through the corner, etc.

Reliability is another story. It is becoming an electrical nightmare. The service department uses the excuse that Ford no longer builds the car because it was a bad car. That is very comforting.

Resale value of the car is atrocious. The car lost 50% of its value the first year of ownership. From personal experience, I would not recommend a Ford product to my worst enemy.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

6th Aug 2005, 16:24

I must agree I was most disappointed with the ford contour.. For the money I paid for this car.. I am very displeased.. I will never buy another Ford again..

18th May 2006, 11:15

Depreciation: your loss is the buyers gain. Managing expectations at the buying time can really help with the degree of satisfaction later. We purchased a used Contour SE with 2L engine at a discount of $1500 to other same year used Contours. We are rather happy with it. We like the road holding capability and the seats. On the other hand we noticed abrupt ups-hifts, squeaks in the chassis, a generally high noise level and a harsh ride. An alternative would have been a Chevy Malibu. Check those reports and you will feel a lot better about this Ford. -- All in good spirits.

2000 Ford Contour SVT 2.5 DOHC HO from North America


An enthusiast's dream


Transmission was replaced due to shifting difficulties (one freebie per car, this one happened really soon so I hope there are no other issues).

Minor interior creaking.

General Comments:

Fastest 4 door for the money, and can top cars that are 15 grand more in price.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2001

17th Aug 2001, 16:59

The Ford Contour SVT is a great car, but there's a car with greater performance for the price, and that car is the Buick Regal GS, 240hp 3.8L V6. 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, 1/4 mile 15.0/ 92.03 mph, 280 lb-ft of torque with a base price of $19,900 and fully optioned with a supercharged engine at $24,700. Both cars were tested in the March 1997 issue of Motor Trend.