9th Dec 2002, 12:03

I have a 1997 Ford Contour and I know 4 other people who have one very similar to mine. From what I know and from what they have told me, I find it hard to believe that these two comments on how "great" a car this is, did not come from Ford representatives. If I could get out of this car I'd do it in a heartbeat... but of course, with its value, I'll be "upside down" in it until I pay it off (and maybe then some).

20th Feb 2003, 13:37

I have to agree with this review. I owned, up until last week, this same car and never had any major problems it. If it wasn't for it being totaled in an accident last week, we would still own this car. The only problem that I can think of that we've had was the air conditioner knob broke, but that had been recalled and was replaced that same day in very little time and at no cost to me. Oh. The power windows did die on us also, but that happens to every car that has power windows eventually. It wasn't real cheap. But considering the little amount that we've had to put into this car, it really wasn't bad.

26th Feb 2003, 15:09

My father bought me a 97 Ford Contour GL, 5-spd January of this year (2003). And I must say that I'm in LOVE! The car was purchased with 73,000 for $3,670. The only thing noticeable is that the rear end makes a weird noise when going over bumps which will get worse over the years if not tended to. This is a possible occurrence in all cars if used roughly. With mine the timing belt also whines a little when first started. The gas mileage is great and it's now March 2003 and I've already put 10,000 miles on her. ;) Don't tell me I don't love my car! Chao!

18th Jun 2003, 18:21

I bought my '96 contour GL at 76000 miles. and it ran great for another 10000 miles and then the problems started one after the other. Its like a chain reaction. I would go in for a new car, but cannot afford it. The check engine light is now permanently on and no mechanic can figure what the problem is, the temperature gauge is faulty and looks like the car might blow up at any time. But my mechanic says the engine is not overheating. The car runs very well and there are good things about it like the room and the trunk space. Overall my advice to people with this car, get rid of it before it hits 100k miles. else theres gonig to be a hole in the pockets of all your pants. Good luck.

26th Jun 2003, 22:18

One thing I can add to this is call Ford and ask about recalls when something goes wrong on your car. 1-866-693-6738 (USA Number), go to www.ford.com to find a number if outside the US. Unless it is a safety or emissions problem, Ford will not tell you about the recall. They will just fix the problem / sell you parts and take your money. But if you ask about the problem, you have a better chance of possibly getting it fixed under the recall if there was one.

- I have replaced the battery numerous times.

- Had all dash lights go out twice; some sort of electrical problem.

- Transmission failed at 115000.

- I have had the rotors replaced 3 times (maybe I just suck at braking).

- Replaced highlight switch.

- Currently having a problem with the A/C where passenger side is around 60 degrees F. Driver's side over 100 degrees F.

- Alignment seems to go out on a regular basis. And every time it seems to be a problem with the camber, which requires new parts to fix. After the first time I decided not to fix it again only 10 months later.

The car is great, other than the above stated problems that should not be breaking. I would not recommend buying this car used. They stopped making it for a reason.

26th Jun 2004, 20:00

I recently bought a used 1996 Ford Contour. I used to like the sporty look of the car. I purchased it at a very low cost with the engine light on. (Was told that it was the O2 sensor. Replaced it, but it never went off.) I thought it would be a simple problem. Since then, I have had other problems.

To name a few:

O/D light flashes on constantly and it won't shift to the next gear. New transmission??? priced: $2800 from Ford!

ABS light comes on. The rotors are going bad because the car skips and won't come to a complete stop while pressing the brakes.

The temperature gage is always on hot, but not quite in the red. Replaced thermostat: no avail.

The air compressor makes loud squealing noises and is going out. Costs over $200 bucks for the part alone!

Just bought a new serpentine belt along the tensioner.

Oh yeah, I too have that stalling problem when I make a turn. It wants to cut off. But hey I've seen that before, I had a Ford Taurus years ago, and it did the same thing. It appears to be a Ford make problem.

I was hoping to fix the problems and have a good running car. But after reading the comments posted from the unfortunate Contour owners, it only appears that these are the beginning of my woes if I keep this car! Woe is me!

4th Nov 2004, 10:39

I bought my 1997 ford contour in may, 2004.

It had 105,000 miles. I bought IT for $2,500, and at the time the only problem I had was the car would stall before every light. soon the problem stopped because I had to warm the car up before driving. I REALLY LOVE MY CAR.

2nd Jul 2005, 19:04

I'm 18, I just bought a Ford Contour GL 5 speed for 1600 dollars (a steal if you ask me) its interior could pass for a 2005 interior, gas mileage is awesome, and since I'm just a kid myself, with gas going a long way it really helps me out. The car seems to be mechanically sound, runs great, very smooth ride as well. The clutch is very easy to push and changes gears very nicely. I LOVE IT!!!

25th Oct 2005, 11:39

Pretty normal for a newer electrically controlled vehicle to have problems with sensors going. Most sensors are pretty finicky and some vehicles are finicky with particular sensors. Personally I say avoid as many electronic components as possible in most vehicles today.

4th Nov 2007, 01:04

Dear Mr. 24 Oct. 2005-

Your car is failing emissions tests because you drilled a hole in the catalytic converter. This is an important piece of anti-pollution technology. Without it, your vehicle has ZERO chance of passing an emissions test. Any shade-tree mechanic should know that. As if that weren't enough, your O2 sensors are shot. I would fall over in a dead faint if this vehicle actually PASSED an emissions test. It's no wonder your car is treating you badly, you're not maintaining it.