1997 Ford Contour GL 2.0 from North America


I think I have a lemon


Bought the car just under a month ago, since then it has been back to the shop 3 times (under the 30 day guarantee) once for a sudden loud banging noise when turning right, twice for the check engine light, and it`s just come on again, 1 day after coming out of the shop.

Today the brakes have started shuddering when braking and a clunking noise from the back end whilst driving.

General Comments:

I think this is diabolical, also noticed creaking noises when moving slowly, removing the wheel trims cured this, but caused a headache.

Check engine light is again illuminated.

Performance wise it does well, tonight the O/D off light started flashing whilst driving home.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002

1997 Ford Contour from North America


A piece of junk


Since I purchased my contour there have been numerous recalls. I have had to replace three batteries, I have had three sets of brand new tires put on and out of the months August and September I had my car a total of seven days. It was in the repair shop the rest of the time. I have had that car in the shop at least five times since I bought it. This last time I had to have the motor rebuilt. Now I've had it for five days and it is still smoking and cutting out while driving down the road. It shakes so hard when you stop at a red light it feels as if the wheels might fall off. I can't wait to get rid of it.

General Comments:

I am not pleased with this car at all.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002

16th Aug 2003, 19:25

Ford contour SE V6.

Transmission problem at 80,000miles

Rebuilt transmission costing $3,000 had to be fixed at least once a week for 4 weeks.

Now I get massive amount of engine heat coming into cabin. It gets hotter than it is outside in August. I wonder how much it will cost to diagnose this problem.

1997 Ford Contour GL 2.0L from North America


Reclining Seat Adjustment knob broke.

General Comments:

We have had our 97 Contour GL since July of 97. It was a Ford program Car... what ever that means, and had about 9000 miles when we bought it. I have the GL with the 4 cylinder engine.

It now has almost 70000 miles, and the ONLY money we have spent on the car was for brakes at 58000, and tires. My wife drives this car every day. It has NEVER left her stranded and always starts immediately. I think it handles great, and long trips are very comfortable and gas mileage on the road is almost 30 mpg... and this is doing at least 75 mph.

I cannot believe that Ford decided not to continue producing this car in the US. It is a well balance car that handles very very good. I have read other reviews about some problems people had with their vehicles, and cannot believe this.

The only problem I had was the seat back adjuster knob that turns to recline the drivers seat. This broke and I am awaiting the replacement. The timing belt makes a little noise when it is cold, but soon quiets up. We also own a New VW CAbrio, a 2000 Grand Cherokee, and a 43k miles 1970 TBird Landau.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2002

20th Jun 2002, 21:09

I have a contour sport myself, and just like you, I have had NO problems with the car. Untill I hit 71,000 miles. My O2 sensor has gone and now I'm looking at new exhaust as well. Not to alarm you or anything, but I have had the same situation as you have, and I hope that your life of no car problems does not turn out with a $600 repair bill as mine did. Good luck.

And by the way, you are right, that car is the best. I love it, and if I could go back and choose, i'd buy the same thing.