7th Apr 2004, 10:21

With the dash there was a recall out for it.

You can buy the reapir from Ford for $77, and do it yourself or pay them $430 to do it.

This applies to all 99-00 Tours, the dash becomes warped overtime. See they changed it in 1999, and didn't design it well.

If you let it go it will bang against the windshield.

I had to do the recall to my 2000 SVT, that and one wheel bearing were the only problem I have ever had, and I had it for three and half years.

19th Oct 2004, 22:33

I have a 2000 Contour with the same warped dash as previously stated, and I didn't receive the recall notice from ford at all. It is like they didn't want to spend the time or the money to fix this problem on my car. I would like to know if the recall would still be in effect for this and also is there a time limit if you haven't been notified. The real big thing is that I financed this through Ford Credit, so I thought I would get a notice, but that didn't happen. I just returned from Iraq, and would like this unattractive dash taken care of. Thanks.

20th Oct 2004, 11:03

I have the same problem (dashboard) with Ford Contour 2000.

Didn't receive recall note either. And I cannot find any proof of recall on Internet before I'll go to dealer.

Could you, please, post the link on this recall if you found it?


6th Jan 2005, 01:47

I have the same warped dash problem on my 2000 SVT.

I was told by my local dealer it was a 'fix' and not a recall and has expired so I can't receive the fix from them.

I bought the defroster kit and it comes with a bunch of parts, but no instructions for its installation. Does anyone know how or where to get these?

10th May 2005, 13:52

I, too, have had problems with the dashboard curling up. We did receive a recall notice, but the dealer that we took the car to said that the recall had expired, and that it would cost over $3000 to replace.

We have had other quirky problems... every time it rains, the passenger side floorboard, and the entire trunk will be saturated... the switch for the heater/AC has quit working... and we had a very expensive fuel pump repair (that I understand is another problem with the Contours and Mystiques).

25th May 2005, 14:20

2000 Ford Contour.

Dash issue... Has anyone had ANY luck getting this problem fixed? I would appreciate any direction or information to get this unattractive defect resolved.

Any suggestions?

25th May 2005, 17:44

I bought a used 1999 Ford Contour last week with less than 100K miles on it. What a piece of junk this car is. The cables to the battery have melted twice. A serious danger of fire my mechanic tells me. This time, even the terminals melted. Anybody wanna buy my junk?

12th Mar 2006, 12:44

March 12 06 We also have a 2000 contour with the dash problem. I am currently looking for a copy of the recall notice. If any one can post a website where I can find the notice that would be great. I want a copy so I can stick the dealer that we bought it from with the bill. Because it should have been fixed before we bought it. It cost us $1500 to have it replaced at a local body shop. It had to be replaced with a completely new dash. They could not put in a used one because it may have the same problem. The body shop said that the dash actually was shrinking.

4th Dec 2006, 07:50

The notice in question here was mailed out August 2001 and can be found under Customer Satisfaction Program Number 01B78.

14th Feb 2007, 12:38

I have a 1999 Ford Contour and I have the same problems with my dash curling up. It also starts rattling in the area of the curling two thirds of the time when the car is running.

I also have been having problem after problem in the last 6 months. Granted, it's reached the 100,000 mile mark, but I've had it in the shop 5 or 6 times in the last 6 months, and now my biggest expense is a new fuel pump!!

Will these problems never stop?

17th Mar 2007, 10:25

My grandparents own a 99 Contour; They also never received any kind of recall or service notice regarding the warped dash. The problem didn't occur until last year, long after the recall expired. So... I am trying to find the do it yourself repair kit... if anybody knows where to look, let me know.


17th Mar 2007, 10:35

RE: Dash problems.

I did some looking around on other sites, and thought it might be helpful to others..

1) NHTSA Investigation: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/defect/results.cfm?action_number=DP06004&SearchType=QuickSearch&summary=true

2) Another complaint website: http://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Contour/1999/accessories-interior/dashboard_peeling_away_from_windshield.shtml

Also, I believe that the repair kit for this problem is part no. 1s2z5404282da, though I am still trying to locate one.

22nd Mar 2007, 13:39

The '95 to '97 model Contour/Mystique don't seem to have this dash curling problem. Did anyone ever try to swap the '98 and later dash for an older one? Just wondering...

8th May 2007, 07:48

I have a 97 contour and the transmission is slipping and it won't go into overdrive. When it shifts, it shifts HARD like the motor is going to fall out. When I pull up to a red light or stop sign the car just shakes and I have to put it in neutral. Also we checked the spark plugs and there was oil all over them.

19th Aug 2007, 15:05

I purchased our present 2000 Ford Contour in 2002 with 18,000 miles on it. It has been a good little car for my wife. But, last week, the dash board just exploded! I thought it was going to knock out the windshield. With only 60,000 miles on the car and the body is in great shape, we would like to get this dashboard repaired. We never got a recall notice from Ford. We were told the car was still under factory warranty when we purchased it. Has any one had any luck getting Ford to fix this problem? Or, should I just write the states attorney general on this? Please let me know. gshel215of@yahoo.com.

6th Sep 2007, 14:00

Same problem with the dash of my 2000 Contour. First the vent popped up and then the dash began to curl. I think I might try driving a few drywall screws through it to hold it down. I just need to be sure I won't be hitting any wires.

22nd Sep 2007, 21:22

2000 Contour SE here too... same problems as most... first the dash, then the fuel pump, then the gear selector motor (or something as it was called - a little black box that tells the tranny what gear to shift into), then the starter...

I replaced the fuel pump, gear selector, and the starter myself, but don't know where to go for the dash... what's worse is that I DID take mine while still under the original factory warranty when the defroster piece came loose to a dealer, who told me that it was a recall and to come back when it got a bit worse. Then, when we returned, we were told that the recall was expired! WHAT BS! (btw - I am/was a big Ford fan before this debacle - I own no less than four Fords: 1998 Mustang GT, 1999 F150 Laredo, 2000 Counter SE Sport, and a 2005 Mustang Convertible).

Never again... Ford has decided to not stand behind their products, so neither will I from this point forward. I am in the market for a new car now and will not even consider a Ford since they would/will not fix our Contour's dash, even though it is a KNOWN manufacturing defect.