1997 Ford Contour GL/Northern Limited Edition 2.0 DOHC from North America


I love it, does anyone know what the Northern Limited edition is?


Check engine light comes on, on and off.

Air bag light flashes.

General Comments:

Great car and roomy.

Moves like a speeding bullet.

Great car for gas.

I love it.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2006

3rd May 2006, 12:20

Yes. It is a package that the dealer installed and charged a bunch of extra money for when the car was new.

1997 Ford Contour SE Sport 2.5L Durotec from North America


Not another 'bright idea from Ford'


Sensors (3 different)

Brakes (3 times)

Air Conditioning.


Part of rear suspension.

Brake bleeder valves (discontinued)

Poor finish from KC plant (particulates easy to see in paint job)

General Comments:

Car is powerful and is comfortable to drive, but is a pig on fuel and when something goes wrong, it's incredibly expensive to repair.

Repairs from the dealership are outrageous, but smaller places can't get parts.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

14th Mar 2006, 09:17

I wrote the first comment on this vehicle and I have the 2.5l 24v Durotech engine. It's very powerful and gets about the mileage you stated.. about 18 mpg. I can drive about 350 km on a tank of 45 litres. That is roughly 1/3 the mileage of my Firefly.

Of note, we pulled a trailer with this car for 4 summers.

One thing I never felt was lag...the car pulls really well and I rarely noticed the tailer behind..which was, fully loaded, about 1600 lbs.

1997 Ford Contour Sport from North America


I wish I never bought it


Engine blew after 2 weeks of ownership... luckily it was still under warranty at the time.

Replaced front rotors at about 50,000 miles.

Replaced head gasket twice!

Replaced water pump 3 times!

Front wheel bearings were shot at 40,000 miles.

Rear suspension makes a weird "slapping" noise whenever someone is sitting in the back seat.

Check engine light comes on and off at will.

LOTS of electrical problems, too numerous to list.

Engine runs hot according to the temperature gauge whenever sitting still at idle.

Alternator is getting replaced as I'm typing this. Other electrical anomalies have been found in the process.

Interior clock back lighting stopped working about 2 months ago.

Heater blower motor only works in two positions: low and medium-high. I haven't got this fixed because of all of the other major problems.

Fog lights burn out almost monthly.

Rear brakes grind and lock up the wheels if it's been sitting for several days.

Air conditioning condenser leaks, haven't bothered replacing it.

Rear doors creak very loudly.

Serpentine belt had to be replaced at 80,000 miles due to cracks.

General Comments:

So much for a good trade in value. As the miles begin to rack up, it seems that the problems keep compounding. With the exception of the engine blowing at around 30,000 miles, the car was quite reliable until around 70,000 miles when everything started failing.

Like others have said, I would not use a Ford dealer for my repairs. I have been treated terribly and they haven't even been using genuine Ford parts!

In the past six months I have spent over $3000 and countless days in the shop. That's a pretty good down payment for a new car.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2006

11th Feb 2006, 12:46

I have a 2 liter 1997 5 speed manual, and other than the clock back light failing, the car has ran fine. I have had to do normal things that most cars need. (timing belt died at 85k, and one thermostat replacement at 50k) The temp gauge does show that it is running hot, but I think the gauge is just not correct. It has never overheated since I replaced the thermostat at 50k miles. So if it is not actually overheating, I will not mess with it. I am closing in on the 100k mark now. The car is a tough machine. It was totaled out twice (hit by 2 drunk drivers that had no insurance). I did not have full coverage so I had to pay to fix it both times. It was cheaper to repair than replace. My only complaint would be with the AC vents. They are cheap, and break way to easy. Both the left and right side are broken. I am happy with the car, as I have never been stranded other than at 85K miles (due to when timing belt died). But I knew it was going as it was slipping, and the timing of the engine was all over the place. (loss of power) If I would have done what I needed, it would have never stranded me. Maybe I got lucky and did not get one of the "bad/lemon" Contours... but I am happy with the performance, especially when you factor in the MPG (which is very good)!

16th Jun 2007, 17:47

If your temperature gauge says its running hot it could be your thermostat, a few bucks, if that doesn't fix it then it might just be your car or you really are overheating :S.