14th Jul 2004, 02:24

I have a 1996 Ford Contour with a standard transmission. I love the looks and the feel of the car, but that is about it. My fan light always comes on when I first begin driving and then shuts off after about 10 minutes. My check engine light has been flashing for months, no on knows why. The car seems to be misfiring as I drive, again, no one seems to know why. I have taken it to the mechanic several times. Each time it comes back exactly the same as I left it, only this time it comes with a repair bill. In general, I would have to agree with all other comments about the Ford Contour, it is a piece of junk! All this car does is give people problems. My suggestion to all Ford Contour owners is to buy a GM product.

4th Nov 2004, 18:57

Hello, I also have a Ford contour, 1998 with only 78k miles

I just finish spending 1300 dollars in repairs, the mechanics replace both control arms and bushings both oxygen sensor, blower fan and wiring, its been 2 days since the repairs and the check engine light came on again, I'm I'm not quite dissapointed because it's been five years since I bought it and haven't had the need to repair anything on the car, other than the recalls, many of them. I am considering another computer diagnostic and according to the aoutcome I will decide weather to get rid of the car. wish me luck.

9th Nov 2004, 10:18

I have a 96 Ford Contour, my dad got it for me from some guy and I have been having the worst problems with the car. I've only had it for about 2-3 months and the car overheated, the thermostat broke in half, the green overdrive on/off button flashes all the time, the gas cap doesn't pop sometimes, you have to push it like 10 times to get it open, and my drivers door creaks now, and both of my cup holders are broken (one still manageable) my back seat belts are broke, and the seat in the back squeaks no matter what. After the first time of putting the car into the shop it was fine, now its overheating again, the overdrive on/off light was flashing again, and my check engine light is on... not to mention when I switch lanes my car feels like its shaking side to side, and my seat and steering wheel shake... as a female I don't know much about cars, but I know one thing I would not recommend any ford contours to anyone looking...that's for sure... anyone with information to help me find out what is wrong with my car please let me know...Jess.

30th Jan 2005, 21:12

I also own a 96 Contour and started out with the same problems as most everybody. Well, it just gets worse - now when I get on the highway, I might get on normally like everybody else, or my car might surprise my (which it now does about 3 out of 5 times) and bog down instead of speed up. When I step on the gas it just slows down - I am the guy hitting the highway going 20 miles an hour. New oxygen sensor and all. I love my car.

23rd Feb 2005, 19:38

I own a 96 Ford Contour, the other day the O/D light starting blinking my son check it out and it was fine until the next afternoon, after about 10 miles it came back on, then the car died and would not start, we have tried everything, plugs, fuel pump, coil it did start one time during all of the mechanic work being done on it, but since then we have had no luck getting it started.

9th Dec 2005, 23:03

I agree these cars are junk, I owned a 95 contour and the thing kept breaking down all the time even though I did regular maintenance. I remember I took the car to the dealership and those guys are so incompetent and rude its unreal, the final straw came when one of their techs was "shocked" that the contour reached 125K, worthless piece of crap car. I will never Buy a FORD vehicle or anything associated with ford again.

23rd Apr 2007, 14:31

I got my Ford Contour 2 years ago for a very low price. I thought it was a good car, it drove real nice for the first 2 years, but now I have the o/d light flashing, and shifting is hard from 1st to 2nd, and I have a problem with the lower control arm bushing being bad. Ford says I have to replace the whole lower control arm at 200 a piece plus labor.

I really wish I got the little Toyota instead, but I am American and believe in buying American. Well I hope we don't have any more problems.

17th Jul 2007, 00:17

I have owned my 1996 Ford Contour for 3 years now. It has over 250 000 km on it, and I have only had 2 problems with it. The alternator went at 225 000 km and at 240 000 km the alternator fuse went. the only problems I have had since then, are when I drive long distances (I recently drove the car for 3 hours straight, on the highway) The transmission seems to lug, shift poorly. It was solved, however, with some transmission conditioner. I dunno if I have just been lucky, or if you guys are just really hard on your cars, but my contour has lasted a damn good 11 years for its life, and I like it!

20th Mar 2008, 17:24

I too own a 1996 Contour and I have spent so much money on it, thinking OK this should do it.

I now have brakes that are spongy. I just don't think I should put any more money into it, however it is a nice looking car and very comfortable, so I am undecided what to do.

21st Mar 2008, 20:38

My contour is a money pit compared to my Honda Civic. I have the OD light blinking too and the hard shift thing. When it works it's a really nice car, but when it doesn't I wish I had another Honda. I'm not saying Honda is better, but for the low k's I drive 3000/ year +/- the car should hold up better.