1996 Ford Contour from North America


This purchase has been an excellent value


Battery died after 4 years.

Left power mirror does not work.

Heater switch only works on 3 of 4 settings.

Fuel surge flapper requires very slow fill rate to prevent auto shut-off of nozzle.

Has a slight oil weep at valve/camshaft cover.

General Comments:

Still handles tighter than most new cars.

Interior shows little wear, looks almost new except for oil spots tracked onto carpet.

More personal room in front seat than most intermediates.

Gets 32 miles per gallon commuting with air conditioning off, 31 when using air.

Brakes lasted 75,000 miles in mostly city service.

Original tires lasted 60,000 miles.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2002

13th Nov 2002, 09:36

I cannot say enough good things about this car, except, Bring It Back! I bought this car used with

33,000 miles and my entire family made fun, well no one is laughing now, as I get over 30 miles to the gallon in town driving. The car has over 118,000 miles and I'm just starting to replace some original equipment People that work on the car can't believe it and I've had many offers to buy the car outright. I would never sell it. Quite honestly I think it has potentially at least 300,000miles in it..Well, built and designed car. I paid 9,000 dollars for it and have put very little into maintaining the car. The ride is smooth, and fast the way I like it. It hangs beautifully in the curves and is tight like new. Nice and roomy inside too. Wish I had a different cup holder, the engine light comes on, but other than that, think I'll keep her until the end.

1996 Ford Contour GL 4 cylinder from North America


Not a good car, a great one


Transmission went out around 80000 miles.

The high fan speed does not work.

OD went out.

Fuel door won't shut.

General Comments:

I love my Contour. It has a great ride and has a lot of acceleration for a four cylinder. Most of the cars problems have to do with the my family. The rear bumper has a huge dent in it from me backing it into my brothers car. On the other side of the rear bumper is were my Dad hit it with his Cadillac. Finally, the front right fender is caved in from my Mom pulling it into the garage and hitting our toolbox. (Just happened yesterday) The car still overall looks good. Despite the cars haggard apperance, I still love it. It's my first car and I hope it never dies. (Or with the way my family is, wrecked)

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

22nd Dec 2002, 18:29

The 1996 ford contour had a recall for a switch on the fan. Mine failed (locked in one position) and they repaired it at no charge due to recall notice. You failed switch may be covered under the same recall.

1996 Ford Contour LX 2.5 from North America


It looks great, it just runs poorly and is constantly in the shop. BAD


This question is more like what has not gone wrong. I drove another Contour, and I liked it, so I bought this one. I get great gas mileage, but that is about it.

My check engine light has come on 8 times in fourteen months and no one seems to know why. My windows fog up as well.

I am burning through coolant like no tomorrow -- also no one knows why.

My gas cap does not "pop open" like it should. I have to open the truck to pull the latch before I can get into the tank.

Now it is shifting strange, and my overdrive off light keeps coming on -- I never even had an over drive off light before two weeks ago.

So my transmission is going, as is my head gasket, and I have had brake problems. It makes weird noises and it smells bad. My engine runs very hot. Also the seats are not very comfortable.

I like the car; it just runs extremely bad. I would not recommend the 96 edition -- I have had way too many problems.

General Comments:

Please please research used cars before purchasing them, I have had so many problems -- this car is costing me more than payments on a new car would have been. If anyone wants to buy a car -- this one is for sale, I think I have fixed every possible thing that could go wrong with it.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2002

22nd Dec 2002, 18:35

I also have a 1996 ford contour 2.5L. I have many similar problems. The check engine light keeps coming on. I have replaced the catalytic converter, two oxygen sensors. Light still comes on. Windows fog up if using recirculated air. Engine has oil leak at PCV valve. Engine runs very rough at idle. Probably needs replacement. This car has been disappointing for a 6 year old vehicle with 110,000 miles. The 2.5 liter has no "pep" for getting onto the freeway or passing people. It is a bit dangerous on the Atlanta Interstates here with aggressive SUV drivers who confuse the commute to work with the Indy 500 qualifier.