1996 Ford Contour LX 2.5 Duratech V6 from North America


I love it!!!


I have not had a single problem with this car.

General Comments:

The best car Ford ever made, I love it. I have had my Contour since November 1995, and have not had a problem. This is the best car that I have ever owned. The V-6 is smooth and powerful and the car handles great. The only complaints I have are that the backseat is ridiculously tiny, and the brakes are very touchy, especially when wet. The car still looks and feels new, the only thing that I have done is routine maintenence and regular carwashes. I will drive this car into the ground. Too bad Ford stopped production after the 2000 models.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

17th Oct 2004, 14:00

If you have had no problems with this car then you are soooooooo lucky. I bought my car for 1,900$ I've done 2493.78$in repairs in the one year I've owned it. All of the parts I used were also reconditioned parts under warranty. I have never used a dealer, but a mechanic that owns a 96 contour. Lucky for us he has had the same problems so he knows how to fix them cheap.

7th Feb 2007, 10:21

Yes, I have a V6 2.5 L Duratech as well in a fully loaded LX model. I have had it since 60,000 kms and now have 195,000 kms on it after many years. I have very limited troubles with the car. I think its one of the most problem free cars I have owned. I think most of the problems are with the 4 cyl model. I am having my first major repair done as I write this which is a replacement of the air take manifold gasket. But after 195,000 kms I am not complaining!

1996 Ford Contour GL 2.0 from North America


A bargain with some quirks


The Engine makes a loud grinding or knocking in cold weather and when first started until it warms up.

The highest fan speed does not work.

The engine runs hot.

Rear wheel bearing was loud and needed to be replaced at 53,500 miles.

The check engine light comes on when an oil change is needed.

The light behind the in-dash clock needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

The Contour handles very well on dry, wet, or icy roads.

The brakes work well, until you hit a patch of sand.

It rides very smoothly at higher speeds which makes you feel like you're driving a bigger car.

The engine is quite peppy for only a 4-cylinder.

The interior has held up quite well, as well as the paint and trim on the exterior.

The battery is still the original, at 6 years old.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

19th Apr 2003, 12:11

A couple of these quirks applied to mine as well. The 'runs hot' thing No one has ever been able to remedy longer than a couple thousand miles. This problem seems to be most apparent when it is above 60 degrees outside and in stop and go traffic. Is it a computer chip problem or what? Sure wish someone could help who had it remedied!

5th Feb 2004, 10:29

Are you still having the trouble with the fan blower? There is a recall on this part. A year after I had this part replaced, the fan switch froze up on me. Because this part was related to the recalled part, the dealer repaired this at no cost.

I have not had the over heating issue that appears to be common with this car. Wish I could help you figure out what causes it.

1996 Ford Contour GL 4 cylinder from North America


It was a good car early on, but it went to crap after it hit 100,000 miles


Several recalls including the Blower Motor.

Rubber around gear shift was tore by the dealer when I took it in for the recall.

Blown sensors about every 6 months.

Engine light has been on almost continuously since I bought the car.

I take it in for regular service and repairs, but they can't ever seem to make the engine light stay off.

After it hit 100,000 miles it has been in the shop at least once a month. I have replaced all the belts, the battery, spark plugs... this list goes on and on. Now it has a blown head gasket which is going to cost $1,100.00 to fix. This in addition to the $3,000.00 I have spent already this year on repairs since it hit 100,000 miles.

The cup holders are very flimsy and are too small to hold anything, but a 12oz. soda can.

The car jumps and lurches every time you put it into gear. The gear shift sticks and is hard to get into park.

General Comments:

The car runs pretty good, but the engine was built tight so it starts building up pressure in the engine at around every 2,500 miles and is slow to get up to speed.

If you don't change the oil at exactly every 3,000 miles you will blow a sensor.

The inside is fairly comfortable.

There is a lot of road noise, plus my airbag rattled from the day I got it which adds to the noise. The dealers have never been able to fix it.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2003