10th Mar 2007, 15:05

That is just a problem in society, in general. If the code reader or diagnostic computer can't return the right fault code, everybody throws up their hands instead of being able to analytically work through and solve the problem. We are a society of technically adept chimpanzees, and no longer understand the machines we depend on. Like Forbidden Planet.

7th Jun 2007, 16:10

I own a 1999 Contour SE Sport with a five speed manual and it has just turned over 167,000 miles! and it is still running on the original clutch, and the original plastic water pump impeller! the whole car is original except for struts, and control arms, and the usual wear and tear stuff. I bought it with 64,000 miles on it. this car was well worth the 8900 plus 19.75 credit fixer upper financing! I added a K'n'N air filter and Ford Racing Wires mated with iridium plugs. Every car has its problems here and there, but you get what you pay for!

7th Jun 2007, 19:43

I had a 98 contour se - One of the catalytic converters on the manifold plugged up and blew a hose off. The replacement was expensive and the car had 260K KMs on it so I just hollowed out the cat and put the hose back on and all was well... I didn't want to put out more $. It was like a honeycomb inside... Apparently there are 3 or 4 on this car.

8th Jun 2007, 01:37

What if that engine was replaced 4 times in the 60 some thousand miles before you got it? You really don't know when you bought used. It really could have only 100,000 miles on it and then you'll hear some.

7th Aug 2007, 22:21

Guy with codes. Go to contour.org. It's a site based for Contour/Mystique enthusiasts.

You're probably getting a manufacturer's code, hence no one at the auto store can help you. Check out the site, they'll help you out. Good bunch of guys and gals.

Good luck!

7th Sep 2007, 16:59

I was think about buying a Contour, but I will spend the extra money on a different brand. I am sure glad I look at the reviews before buying a Contour. Thank you all for saving me money and a headache.

31st Dec 2007, 06:01

I've owned a 1999 Ford Contour SE for 5 years. First the fuel pump went out at 32K. Then the IAC valve failed. This is bad; it growls and stalls at 40K miles.

Then the alternator went out and fried the battery at 56K miles. You don't want to be driving it when this happens; it's a real hoot, no power, no nothing.

Next the fuse box under the dash left side by the brake pedal burned up; no fan heat or a/c. And now I'm fighting Ford to replace the warped dash heat vent panel that is shrinking and trying to curl up. The car was given to me so I guess I have just about broke even.

20th Nov 2008, 22:45

I have a 1999 Ford Contour and was doing great since I bought it.

Tonight it wanted to stall at an intersection, then the Check Engine light came on. I also had the dash warp, and it didn't stay fixed after I took it in with the recall notice. I still can't get that fixed.

My concern now though is the check engine light that won't go off. I have had electrical problems, as air needs turned on then off and on to work. Wondering if the warped dash is causing all this to happen?

Sometimes the inside lights won't light up when opening the door.. also so much static electricity in the car I get zapped everytime I get out of the car. It's always run fine, but until tonight no Check engine light, and it won't go out.

It gets great gas mileage, and is cheap to maintain, but now I'm concerned.

2nd Dec 2008, 16:53

I just bought a 99 Ford Contour with 44,000 miles on it. The check engine light was on when I test drove it but the dealer "fixed it" and it was off until the first time I got gas. I thought it was a loose gas cap but it is on tight and the lights still on. I am not sure what to do. The dealer was supposed to fix whatever was causing the light to come on so I don't know if they just reset it or if there is a problem with something. My brother says I should make him fix it but I am not sure if they will or if they will just reset it again. I spent all my money on this car (about $2700) and I am not sure if it was such a good deal anymore.

3rd Apr 2009, 17:20

I have had my FORD CONTOUR 99 for about 7 months now... and I have had problems with the car stalling.. when the gas starts to get low... and recently when I fill the car up full of gas it doesn't want to crank at all.. It don't seem to be getting any gas.. I can leave it sitting for a while and then it will crank and run for weeks.. I have been told I need a fuel pump.. It has been doing this for the whole 7 months now on and off.. I never know what I will get with this car...

Luckily when it decides it doesn't want to crank it's in the driveway... after I have been out and about I come home and the next day.. it won't crank.. It smells like I have flooded it trying to crank it.. I hope that all it needs is a fuel filter and a fuel pump... I can see the fuel pump under the back seat but it will take a special tool to get the lines... undone... anyone know where I can get that tool?

1st Mar 2011, 19:04

If anyone has trouble with their Contour randomly not starting, consider replacing the battery cables before the starter. Today mine decided to rough idle and then stall in 5pm traffic. It would always crank again but would immediately start to sputter and die, accelerator to the floor or not. Fuel pump?

22nd Mar 2011, 09:58

"it will take a special tool to get the lines... undone... anyone know where I can get that tool?"

Try your friendly auto parts store. Many stores loan out special tools, as long as you provide a credit card.

Good luck.

12th Nov 2011, 10:06

You can get the line disconnect tool from any auto parts store... I have been working on cars for over 25 years, and a lot of the tools you would need would be at the auto store. Just be careful and ask an associate to make sure you purchase the right thing.

12th Apr 2012, 23:38

I have a mystery stalling / foghorn noise in my 99 SVT. The sound happens only in motion, the stall sometimes happens, and the sound always subsides by the time I roll to a stop. I blip the gas and the problem's gone. The mechanic is stumped since he can't find the noise when the hood is open, even on the dyno. No starting issues, runs fine otherwise. Ideas?

1st May 2012, 13:34

Go to "Contour Enthusiast Group" and "Mad Moles".

Your problem is well known and they call it "moosing".

Find the solution on-line, and give it to your mechanic.

2nd Jan 2013, 10:56

I have a 99 Ford Contour SE Sport, and my dash has lifted up. I tried to fix it, then it ripped. I'm not very happy, don't know how much it will cost to repair the dash.

I love my car; it's just little things that break. Nothing big, other than my dash. I need to know if there's a recall? Please let me know.

26th Nov 2014, 22:17

Did it work, were there any problems?