16th May 2011, 15:03

I had the same problem with my fuel tank door and I just hooked up a magnet in there and put a metal washer on the door and it holds it shut great. At first I tried super glue, but it didn't hold for long so I used some type of cement stuff and it works great!

5th Jun 2012, 08:29

I have a 1996 Ford Contour with the 2.5L V-6. You can't blame the owners for lousy design and dealership service. From year one, I ran synthetic oil and did highway miles without pounding the car.

By 72K, I had already replaced the fuel pump, alternator, two sets of front rotors, water pump and numerous recall items. I have squeezed unbelievable service out of other cars, but this one was a nightmare.

Now after 103K miles, the overdrive is shot. I am driving with no overdrive, and most likely, when the transmission dies, I will junk this car. My 1995 Civic is still going with 190K. Bulletproof, period.

Unfortunately, that Ford will be my last experiment with American made cars.

5th Jun 2012, 22:45

My experience was just the opposite. Our Honda Civic was literally falling apart at 50,000 miles. It never made 100,000 miles (it was sold to a junk dealer). It used a quart of oil every three weeks at 50,000 miles, and the CV joints were hammering so loud you couldn't hear the (cheap and tinny) radio.

On the other hand, our highest mileage car was a Ford. It made 325,000+ miles with less than $500 in total repairs, and was traded still running (for another Ford of course). We no longer buy cheap and poorly built Japanese vehicles.

21st Jun 2012, 12:35

I bet your Ford was not a Contour. I bet it was a Crown Victoria.

18th Sep 2014, 18:01

All makes have their good and bad car lemons.

18th Sep 2014, 22:26

I have a 1996 Mystique 2.0 5 speed, and it has 285000 miles on it and I have always driven it hard. It gets over 30 MPG. I love this car, it is so cheap to drive, and I want another one.

7th Apr 2016, 10:54

Yep, just change the spark plug wires. Cylinders 4 and 5 like to crack and short out.