7th Aug 2007, 18:31

I bought my 1998 Ford Contour GL 2.0L from a Ford dealer with 13K miles on it in Aug 98. I now have 101K miles and couldn't be happier with it. It went in only for front coil springs which were covered by Fords extended warranty on them and a water pump replacement around 35k miles. I get 30 mpg driving 15 miles each way to work. No oil leaks ever. I do hear the clunk from the rear, but no big deal. My brother 2006 Caddy with under 14K miles is going in for the 2nd time for a pinion seal replacement, his previous vehicle a GMC Jimmy that had less that 50K miles had constant computer problems, oils leaks, etc. My 2003 Expedition isn't bad, kind of a rattle trap so this may be my last Ford, but I'm know I'll never by a GM product. VW or Toyota/Infinity will probably be my next purchase. Oh and for the earlier post about the fuel filler tube issue, there a recall by ford on those. By the way I've been running Amsoil synthetic in it since 75K miles. I change oil once a year and filters about every 6 months.

8th Aug 2007, 09:08

I bought a '98 Ford Contour used about 6 months ago. Days after I bought it the gas gauge and the speedometer stopped working. I had the cluster replaced 3 times in 2 weeks. My speedometer works now, but the gas gauge doesn't. Every time I fill up I have to re-set the kilometer button to keep track of the general amount of gas I have. There is obvious clanging coming from the undercarriage and I can only hear it when my windows are down. The check engine light has been on for months and it is way too expensive to investigate. The front windows are starting to stick. The back door locks are really tricky to unlock and the hinges need WD40 every week. I am going on a 6 hour trip and I am sending it in for a Pre-Trip inspection because I do not think the car will make it. However, I am at 190,000km which is fabulous. Does anyone know why the check engine light is still on, and what the clanging is?

8th Aug 2007, 16:21

For $1100 asking price, in two days, I'm going to look and test drive a '98 Contour GL with 110k miles, with manual 5-speed, 2.0 liter-4 cyl engine, air conditioner, cruise control, and cassette am-fm.

Seller says it has four new tires and needs new rear struts in order to pass the state inspection.

I have been told that the Contour has had more factory recalls than any other vehicle since the invention of the automobile. Will have to take a look-see at this one. Later...

30th Aug 2007, 17:20

Oh my gosh! Reading this is like reading a horror story.

I'm very disappointed with my 98 Contour, but I after reading these entries I see that I've been very lucky. During the warranty period my starter wouldn't work at random times. There were a couple of recalls, but I never seemed to get good gas mileage.

I'm guessing that my current problems are the result of age - both sway bars broke, oil leaks, ruptured coolant hose, broken radiator, sensor malfunctions and now I'm waiting for an estimate on replacing the timing chain and my belt tensioner.

I'm not feeling good about this at all. I don't know how many more repairs I can endure or afford. I want to buy american and I'm so against buying foreign cars, but wow... these problems are frightening.

10th Sep 2007, 02:49

I'm actually on my 2nd `98 Contour SE. For the most part, my 1st one was a GREAT car! I had very few problems with it, until it was in two accidents. Eventually, the transmission died with over 125,000 miles on it.

However... the SECOND one, (which I currently own), has been a turd! A/C froze-up, I have no heater fan, front-end is a mess - EVERYTHING needs replaced!, and now - the transmission is acting up. Slips out of gear intermittently or won't shift out of 2nd! The drag is - I'm stuck w/it! I can't afford to replace it - so I gotta keep fixing it, (or ignoring the problems - like the fan motor).

- CarSick in Cleveland.

28th Sep 2007, 16:10

"My contour has by far been the worst car I have ever had."

Give it to me, and I'll still be driving it in 10 years because I know how to take care of a car. Complaining about replacing the brakes on a 10 year old car with 122,000 miles? Oh brother! Did you ever check the transmission fluid? Did you ever have it changed, like the manufacturer suggests? I bet the answer is "No" to both. If you're going to buy a cheap old car, you have to learn about how to take care of them. Otherwise, just write the check for the car payment every month and quit crying.

1st Oct 2007, 10:05

Don't be so hard on 11:16. He bought a used car and was cautious enough to have it inspected! That inspector should have told him that the front brakes need fixing soon. I am not sure how the inspection could have predicted the transmission failure. If the fluid was old and dirty it should have been reported as well.

However the used car owner may do well by shopping around for another used transmission to save money. He may also shop around for a good independent mechanic for basic maintenance.

1st Oct 2007, 10:16

Clunk from the rear:

Eliminate these potential sources and test drive:

1. Loose spare tire, jack and lug wrench.

2. Loose stuff in the trunk.

3. trunk not closed correctly

4. Loose plastic covers inside the trunk.

If it is still clunking, then it might get serious: suspension parts.

24th Oct 2007, 01:29

Well, I came across this page looking for a place to have my 98 Contour transmission rebuilt for less than 2200.00

The car was great until it hit 90,000 miles.

Sensors had gone out that affected the fuel injection, but were easily replaced earlier on, but jeez... it has been a nightmare lately. I just spent 1733.00 on a new fuel injection assembly and senders, and a new timing belt to fix a sluggish stalling car... now 3 weeks later on the freeway, the car loses all pressure and will not go into any gear. Engine revs great, but it won't go anywhere..

Towing back to dealer, extra 100.00 over insurance coverage, another 146.00 for a transmission diagnostic, so they could inform me it has no pressure and it will be another 900.00 just to look at it, on top of whatever is wrong with it in labor alone. It is a nightmare. It appears a transmission rebuild is imminent. I am stumped as to why there are not any check engine lights on??? No warning lights at all???

Is that normal? I too will probably have it fixed, as I cannot afford a new older car for my son that may fall apart as well. What can you do? If you have a choice... purchasing a older Contour with close to 100,000 miles may not be a good option, as several things may go at this point.

Brakes are not a dealer's issue... and by the way, the same transmission is in several different vehicles, including the Mazda 626, so the new Mazda fan may not be getting any better deal. I personally have had good luck with Toyota; they ran forever...

Wish I had options right now, as my non dealer mechanic has still quoted me 2200.00 to fix it, and states the dealer cost after the 900.00 diagnostic to find the issue, will amount to close to 3000.00 at least.

This car will have 5000.00 worth of work and new parts... and by golly it better run like a champ... shouldn't it?