1999 Ford Cougar V6 2.5L from UK and Ireland


A hoot to drive and cheap. There in lies both the strength and the weakness


Alternator replaced.

One month later the alternator and battery needed replacing.

General Comments:

The car is a good drive, but has a number of design flaws.

I have read the comments on this site with interest, but it's too late as I have now got my cougar!!! Funnily enough people in the UK do not seem to have had as many problems with their cars. Most have manual transmission and the sunroof was not fitted too many cars.

Here are a few tips I have gleaned along the way.

1. Engine life is greatly increased if the oil level is always kept at max.

2. Replace oil every 3K miles with proper Ford 5W-30 Formula E.

3. Always have half a tank of fuel at least to make sure that fuel pump is cooled by fuel.

4. Boot release can be sorted by fitting a second spring (Ford changed this on MK2 version).

5. Most battery/alternator problems can be prevented by doing the following 3 things. Uprating the wiring from the alternator to the battery, the alternator earth, and battery earth. Ford's standard is way too thin. (will be getting this done next week.) This also cures the flickering lights.

6. You can change the rims and tyres from the standard Cougar ones to get cheaper tyres.

7. If you got the loud noise on starting (called moosing), it is an easy fix done by changing one of the tubes in the air intake assembly.

8. Always make sure that the washer watertank is full to max to prevent water fluid low level light coming on.

9.Don't use a car wash if you don't want the windows to leak.

10. Make sure all running gear inside the door for the windows is well greased to prevent them sticking.

Last but not least, get friendly with a local mechanic who knows how things really work!! Join a Cougar specific forum.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

1999 Ford Cougar V6 from North America


Cute, but not efficient


My 1999 Cougar has been my one and only car... needless to say I thought it was cute as a button... totally fit my personality...However, it wasn't long after getting my first car that I started seeing the dark side of my cougar.

-First the alternator went out

-next was the sunroof (haven't had it since 2003)

-countless O2 sensors

-another alternator

-the backseat has eaten my left side rear seat belt lock by this time

-the transmission went out

-out of no where bad oil leaks

-three new batteries.

The last bad thing to happen was the airbag light turning on, then my car started dinging and flashing lights at me, and when I thought I could make it to a parking lot somewhere, I stupidly stopped for a red light and my car shut off. Not even enough power for the emergency lights to blink. Thus a new alternator. Third one since 2004.

There are also cosmetic problems that have annoyed me to death. What is the point of the front cup holder? If you put anything in it, you better be driving on the straightest and smoothest road you could possibly find. One soft right curve in the road and your wearing your drink. The trunk button next to the pedals a pointless as well. You push the button.. go to the trunk and it is still partially locked. What good is that? I usually just ask a friend to stand back there while I push it. lol...

General Comments:

I love my car, seeing as it is my first car... but I could have bought a new car with the money I've put into this one.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

1999 Ford Cougar V6 from North America


Cougar is a cute car, but has caused me some problems


I bought my 99' Cougar in January after my Honda died. I was very excited when I went to pick it up. The car was cuter than I expected.

For the first month everything seemed to be OK, but towards the end of January I noticed when I would come to a stop light my car would shake, soon enough my brakes were not working that well. I later noticed that night that I had a huge transmissions leak. The dealer ship fixed that with no cost because of my warranty.

The next problem that occurred would be my alternator going out on the high way, it all happened so fast I had no warning. We got that fixed, but a month later it went out again (the shop gave me a bad alternator the first time) so I got the second one put in for free.

Next thing I knew my air conditioning stopped working. It would work on level 4 but not on 1-3. costing around 300 dollars to fix.

The last thing I had to replace was the computer chip in my car. My check engine light constantly came on and I would get a diagnostic test ran and nothing would be wrong ever since I fixed that my car has had no problems.

I really do love my car minus the problems I have over come.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2007