2001 Ford Cougar SX 2.5L from Australia and New Zealand


A truly awesome pocket rocket



General Comments:

My previous car was a 2004 Magna VRX All Wheel Drive, which did not compare to the Cougar.

I fell in love with the Cougar instantly when I saw a picture of it, and was extremely impressed when seeing one in person.

Mine has a full spoiler kit, which really adds to the Cougar's aggressive appearance.

The interior is fantastic. The beautifully sculptured dashboard and door trims instantly give a sports car feel.

There are instruments and switches galore, which make the dashboard look like an airplane cockpit, just fantastic.

The car provides features and options galore, something absent in Australian cars, but common to US cars.

The interior with leather seats is very comfortable and fits me like a glove. You really feel that you are in a sports car. Even the back seats are comfortable and quite roomy. I totally disagree with reviews that the back seats are too small.

Performance is very good for a 2.5L. This car has plenty of take off acceleration and great overtaking. This car is much quicker than I expected.

The sound of the engine during acceleration and cruise is just fantastic.

The handling is great. The Cougar hugs the road and corners better than my previous All Wheel Drive Magna VRX.

Overall, driving the car is exhilarating, and I try to find any excuse to drive it.

This is the best car I have owned and I love everything about it. It is truly saddening that Ford no longer import the Cougar to Australia, as I have no replacement for this car when I decide to buy a new car.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2005

14th Jul 2011, 12:41

I am thinking of buying the exact same car now. Only concern is lack of parts if anything were to happen. I've accepted that chassis parts will be hard to come by, but as the Cougar has the same engine as another Ford, I thought parts would be okay to come by.

Any thoughts or personal experience on the difficulty to source parts?

2001 Ford Cougar 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


An enjoyable long-distance runner


Nothing that required me to take the car back.

Very rarely the car would still be running for a few seconds even after key removed from ignition.

Traction control can kick in unexpectedly, which can be scary at speed.

Rear seats will not accommodate a child's car seat.

General Comments:

Real head-turner, especially in black. There still aren't that many cougars out there, so novelty value is a bonus.

Quick off the mark and makes a great sound when you reach the higher revs in third gear.

Can be tricky to reverse park initially because it has a big rear-end. This does become easier with practice.

Rear seats can be a problem if you are taller than 5'8"

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Review Date: 18th September, 2004

2001 Ford Cougar 2 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


A value for money Grand tourer that looks and performs way above its price tag


Headlight bulbs keeps blowing.

General Comments:

The Cougar 2 is a nice car, I bought it as a replacement for my Saab Convertible as I felt it represented good value for money, £15,000 for an 11 month old car which new retailed at £23,000. I was looking for a fairly exacting spec, dark external colour (can't stand silver!!) leather interior, auto gearbox, low miles etc. Eventually found one from a Ford dealer in Amazon Green, black leather, auto, heated front seats, climate control, RS alloys (which look gorgeous) full x pack. The car is fantastic I love it, performance is great and it looks fantastic. My only gripe would be running costs. It returns no more than 30 mpg on motorway runs and servicing is always much higher than Ford fixed cost servicing, I also broke a fog lamp lens which must measure 3 inches by an inch and a half and Ford are quoting me £100 to buy and then will charge me to install, but can never get one in in time when I have it serviced. The boot size is great and acts as a mobile office for me! All in all I love the car and have for months been toying with changing for a BMW or Merc diesel, but having got a few trade in prices on the Cougar am probably going to stick with it!! (another downside I suppose, resale value)

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2004