1982 Ford Crown Victoria LTD 5.8 from North America


$800 to buy one? Sure I'll take it


The variable venturi carburetor has failed.

The ignition system died.

The block heater was broken when I bought it.

General Comments:

It's not a bad car for a Ford. I would probably buy another one of these or even a pick up truck.

Replacing the block heater cost a fair chunk of change, but the carburetor was replaced with a regular two barrel and the ignition was changed to an MSD system.

It runs well and starts in brutally cold weather without a functioning choke. It's a very strong car for a Ford.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

16th Sep 2013, 12:32

Hi I own an 83 Ford Crown Vic. Great, great car. I'm curious why you keep saying in your post "for a Ford"??

What does that mean? I always figure for an American car, you can't beat the reliability of a Ford.

GM & Chrysler don't even come close, so why bother, just keep driving a Ford.

17th Sep 2013, 12:35

Generally speaking Fords are good, but they have had plenty of bad models over the years. These big 'Panther platform' sedans are among the best - my family had a few - but they do have their weak points, such as weak transmissions. On the whole I've had slightly less trouble from the GMs we've owned than the Fords, to be honest.

1982 Ford Crown Victoria LTD 302 V8 from North America


An excellent first car or family beater


The alternator went out, but only cost 20 dollars to get from a junkyard.

Car floats very bad due to its 20 year old shocks.

General Comments:

The motor and transmission were rebuilt at 103,000 miles. It's the best running car I've owned. The motor had decent torque, but lacks top end. Could definitely benefit from a few performance mods. I put dual exhaust on it and makes me feel I'm driving a classic car because of its handling and V8 rumble. It gets a decent 20mpg on the highway. The trunk is among the largest I've seen and seats 5 with lots of room to spare.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2002

1982 Ford Crown Victoria 302 from North America


Low priced magic


Replaced timing chain, fuel pump and EGR valve.

General Comments:

Yes, this car was owned by a little old lady who only drove it on Sunday. Garage kept. Well maintained. Looks like new and drives like new.

Good handling and a nice ride. Very comfortable. 20 mpg on the highway.

Can be easily modified for more power.(carb. model).

Safe and reliable. Well made. Low purchase price. Low insurance and taxes.

I will never sell it. A true rear wheel drive classic that can be found at a fair price.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

10th Jan 2002, 09:55

I got an 86 2 door, it runs damn good but the body is fairly rough, it is my second car.

I love these cars, I had an 87 4 door until I found this awesome 2 door, but this one has 180k and it runs PERFECT. Shifts a little rough when you stomp on it, but that's no big deal to me, it's cheaper to go slower, haha.

It's hard to find one with a great body around here.