1983 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Coupe 5.0 from North America


Ford... Please bring back this awesome car...


A couple of sensors because of age.


Basically that's it; an awesome, awesome car.

General Comments:

I bought a 1984 CV from a friend's mother and I sold it.. After I sold it, I missed it so much I had to run out and find another.

I found my 83 Coupe, loaded, one owner beauty.

Original (garaged) white paint.

A Burgundy velour comfy interior, with power everything.

Alloy fin wheels from Ford, and I put the original wide white wall style tires back on her from Coker Tire.

She is smooth, quiet, comfortable, and a joy to take on trips.

I also own a CLK 430 convertible Mercedes, and I ALWAYS take the Crown as it's way, way more comfortable. Plus it gets so much attention everywhere I take her.

Ford is absolutely NUTS, to have ever ditched this awesome model..

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd September, 2013

24th Sep 2013, 13:12

1983 Crown Victoria Coupe? Wow, nice car, those are very rare.

I used to own a 1990 Crown Vic LX, fully loaded, white with blue velour interior. Senior owned and mint shape, loved that car! Only sold it because someone offered me 3x what I paid for it and I couldn't refuse at the time.

My friend had a late model BMW, and would prefer to ride in the Vic as it was more comfortable, spacious for passengers, and a smoother ride overall.

I agree, these are great cars and I would buy another in a heartbeat!

1st Oct 2013, 15:12

Wish I could find an LTD coupe, I love the look. My 1980 Mark VI is basically an LTD coupe with the Lincoln name. I've had 2 '79 LTD sedans (1st year of the Panther body), a '79 Grand Marquis (same thing), a '88 Grand Marquis, and a '91 LTD CV. All were wonderful vehicles and rock-solid reliable.

One was T-boned and 2 others wrecked head-on. None of us were ever hurt, and each vehicle was able to drive home without a wrecker. If people knew how safe these were for families and how reliable they are, they'd be a lot more popular. I cringe when I see these great cars needlessly wrecked on movie sets.