1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX V8 of course! from Russia


Nice party cruiser!


First of all: the greatest problem is the age of a car. Everything in electric harness is failing slowly until replaced.

Brake caliper was jamming after 9 or 10 miles of driving. Caliper pins were bad. Replaced them along with a worn piston and seals. Problem fixed.

Anti-lock sensor on one wheel was torn away. Fixed.

Still having the "ANTI-LOCK" warning occasionally. Wire harness is corrupted somewhere.

Head gasket is leaking.

Engine is noisy. Timing chain tensioners or hydraulic valve adjusters are decaying over time.

EGR system fails. Too much carbon buildup and wire defects.

Rear axle is noisy. Main gears are worn.

General Comments:

Most of my car's defects can be traced to poor maintenance by previous owners. They simply had no chance to purchase spare parts for replacement. That's the reality for an american vehicle in Russia in 1990-th.

But I like it! It has a sufficient handling for a 'highway cruiser'. It has a plenty of acceleration and good top speed. It's not a sports car level, but much better then a typical European family Sedan. The greatest thing about a car is it's comfort and 'sofa-style'. Seven passengers (primary girls :) ) shared it with me while returning from a party. Most nice!

Reliability is great. Looks like it has a Terminator-style reliability. Half-destroyed it will still crouch. But you may just try to destroy it with some import hatchback. Wow! We'll look at it!

Driving is effortless. Very good. Perfect indeed!

Highly recommend.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2008

1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX from North America




Ignition switch and starter, which Ford is notorious for developing problems with.

General Comments:

I love this car... never cared for Fords until I got this at a steal. Made to run, but comfy in traffic. Handles like a dream.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

1992 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L V8 from North America


Good car, could easily be a great car


At the beginning, we had no end of difficulties with the wiper system. I had to bring it in several times before they worked reliably. To Ford's credit, they did try to help. The inconvenience was a pain though.

After three years, the clearcoat started to peel. This got worse every year and near the end it looked totally rabid.

Around the same time, rain started to leak into the interior, and the carpets were always wet. I never could find the problem and recently was told that it could be the wiper posts.

The catalytic converter traps ice and snow next to the floor, and that part of the floor rusts out fairly quickly.

General Comments:

It's a pity that the paint is so lousy and that I had those other problems. The interior has worn extremely well, and the body (apart from the paint) has held up remarkably well.

It has remarkable power for a car this size. The engine is a gem. Even after all these miles I can out accelerate almost anything on an on ramp and cruise comfortably at 90 mph.

Great crash protection also.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2005

1992 Ford Crown Victoria S 4.6 Litre SOHC from North America


It is a great car and quick for its size and weight


Had to get brakes replaced, new thermostat, EGR valve had to be cleaned.

General Comments:

Old Sheriff's department car from my county. Great car, runs great, very reliable.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

26th Apr 2005, 19:25

Your so lucky to get a police interceptor, that's my next car I currently have a 92 Grand Marquis with 118K right now, youll get 300K easily by doing the general maintenance.

1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6 from North America


Probably the most comfortable car I have ever owned and definitely the best value all-around


Alternator needed replacement at 130K.

General Comments:

This car is a real surprise combination of power, luxury and economy. It has more than enough horsepower to safely manuever in the most demanding Interstate highway situations; feels like you are sitting on your recliner at home; and gets exceptional mileage for a V8.

Most cars that I've owned with a ride this nice were either Olds or Buick and had noticeably squishy suspension. The Crown LX just feels perfectly responsive in all conditions.

We own newer, flashier, more popular cars, but the family always wants to "ride in the limo". It is that comfortable for everyone.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2004

28th Dec 2004, 16:54

It indeed is a well constructed vehicle, expect to get another 167K out of it. Was that the original alternator?