1992 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6 liter from North America


A very nice car, a very sorry Company


On the first engine the thermostat failed and fried and burned it up.

The second engine the oil pump came a part and it seized up.

The third engine didn't have a chance to prove itself the car caught on fire from a faulty cruse control I received a recall on. I took it in had it fixed and it still caught on fire and Ford denied any help. It was there FAULT..

General Comments:

I liked the car bad, but Ford was a nightmare to work with.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX with H&P-Package 4.6 SOHC from Germany


The last true American automobile


The AC system has to be refilled, no signs of leakage though. There's a rattling noise coming from the rear brakes, might be lose brake pads.

Sometimes the warning lights in the instrumentation panel light up, but disappear after a short time.

Speedometer needle stops at 50 mp/h indication, have to find out if it's only a new cable or a new speedo unit.

General Comments:

This has been my dream car for the last few years. I love the "Handling&Performance"-Package. Engine has been rebuild by one of the cars previous owners, so it runs very good considering its high mileage. Transmission also works flawless.

All power options are operating.

Doesn't consume any oil or water.

I'm turning it into a "New York State Police"-unit 'cause I'm a member of a Police car owners club here in Germany.

Average fuel consumption (1/2 driven around town) is 19/20 mpg.

On the other side I'm surprised that the interior room despite the vehicles 212" overall length is actually smaller then my 186" Ford Scorpio's.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6L V8 from North America


A Lemon the size of a tank!


Air Conditioner no longer works.

The drivers side back seat lock doesn't work.

The Air Bag Light contently flashes as if there is something wrong with the drivers air bag.

The Drivers power window motor had to be replaced.

The Power Antenna doesn't work.

The glove box will not open.

The car chugs very badly.

A high pitched whistle comes from the muffler.

2 of the "Premium Sound" speakers have gone out.

The air conditioning switches are ready to fall off.

The interior trunk release doesn't work.

General Comments:

This isn't a very good car. Whenever you drive it you have to drive with both hands on the wheel or else you will be all over the road.

The interior is roomy and quite luxurious.

Horrible to drive on hot days. The air conditioner never gets cool!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

10th Oct 2004, 11:37

If you would take care of the car it may be better.

27th Feb 2010, 13:40

Just like he said; take care of your car. I am so sick of reading all these reviews about people and their " Lemon". I hate to tell you, but:

1. If your car is not new

2. You don't take care of it

3. You have no mechanical ability

Then of course you're going to have problems. Buying a used car is always a gamble, and if you don't know how to maintain it or repair it, then you're always going to have problems. I do know some cars from new have certain problems that everyone knows about, like Chrysler products having bad transmissions and GM 3.1 head gasket failures, but I think the biggest problem with 99.9% of the cars on this site is the people who drive them!!

1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX 5.0L V8 from North America


A very powerful, very quiet and comfortably luxury car


Celluloid went last year, when you turned the key it didn't crank at all - fixed.

Fuel pump was replaced 3 years ago and now it can be very loud (normal on most Crown Victoria's when the fuel pump is replaced)

A/C recharged last year.

At one point in time, the car wouldn't start unless you pushed the gas petal all the way to the floor - fixed.

Blue smoke coming out of the tail-pipe: needed new valve seals.

Electric Driver side door lock does not work at all.

Little light that illuminates behind the radio frequency lights very rarely.

General Comments:

This is got to be the best car that Ford has ever built. It is very comfortable and very very quiet for a 1992. It's had just a few major problems and now it runs like brand new. My Crown Vic is also garage kept so it's in a really good condition. One portion of the left tail light just went and I just replaced it, but for those tail lights to last 11 years is really really good. Acceleration is excellent. But you got to check the oil at least once every two weeks because since the car is old it tends to burn oil sometimes.

This car really moves. The fun part about this car is everyone thinks it's a cop car. It is very reliable and I would definitly by another Crown Victoria. But as of now, the 1992 is running great and I'll probably get another 5 years out of it.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2003

22nd Jul 2003, 06:18

I believe this is a very good review. I also own a 92 Ford Crown Vic, and I have experienced some problems very similar to the ones you have experienced. Yes, I agree it is a very wonderful car and very luxurious! Unfortunatly, I am planning to sell it though. I believe the transmission is starting to fail!

16th Nov 2003, 10:17

Just curious, why do you think your transmission is having problems? What symptoms are you experiencing? I'm purchasing a '92 for some long highway miles and the dealer is going to fix a rumble noise we heard on the test drive. The car vibrates a bit when downshifting in low gears, or when going into overdrive on the highway. You can also email me at marcnodden@hotmail.com.


13th May 2004, 11:25

I just bought a 92 Crown Vic, and I absolutely love it. It had just under 150,000 miles, but it doesn't have any mechanical problems that I can find. I bought it at a police auction, and they said it smoked a little when first cranked, but I went to my local auto parts store and purchased a can of Restore, 8cyl. for it. The smoking is now gone and the car runs smooth. There were also some vibrations when you got the car up to around 70-75mph, but I checked the rear tires and the passenger side had 14psi!! Fixed that problem too. But the car is great, couldn't ask for more space. Give the Restore a try and see if it helps with the smoking. Just add it to your oil right when you buy it, and then add it at each oil change to keep it from coming back.

3rd Jan 2005, 21:25

I really enjoyed reading comments about similar problems I am having with my vehicle. I bought my Crown Vic at 125k and it ran great. Recently though, my transmission started giving out and now the reverse does not work at all. Luckily there are plenty of these vehicles everywhere so a replacement is very cheap.