1993 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6L from North America


Lots of power, for little money


Both the engine and the transmission, needed to be replaced at short intervals, although the vehicle had close to 300,000kms, police driven.

The air conditioner blows only hot air, great during the Canadian winter, but useless and quite annoying in the summer.

Many other small, un noticeable, but sometimes really annoying problems, like the air bag light that always blinks.

General Comments:

Overall great car, great handling and speed, a real beast. I call it a 4 door Mustang. Too bad they don't come with manual transmission.

Even if I had some serious problems with this vehicle, also knowing it was used and abused by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I was happy with its performance. Only payed $2,500US (at 250,000KMS) for it, which for a powerful, luxury sedan like this is not much at all.

I would like to make a friendly suggestion to anyone looking to get a Police Interceptor, if it has over 300,000kms don't even look at it unless it's a gift, or if you're a really good mechanic. This is of course the Canadian model.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2002

1993 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6 V8 from North America


One of the last great full-size sedans that still looks good


Used car dealer I bought it from fixed most of what was wrong with it before I paid, but here's what got fixed:

Oil pan was rusted through.

Power window controls on all, but the driver door are still broken.

Power antenna doesn't work.

Small power steering fluid leak.

Check engine light just won't go out!

General Comments:

I had been looking for a replacement car for my old 76 Buick. Took me a month to find a sedan that was nice enough to replace my classic.

Sharp looking car (silver with tinted windows and nice wheels) with all the power options available on the car.

Pick up is good, 35-65mph acceleration is amazing, even with 145000 miles!

Good interior size, plush seats.

Big trunk.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2002

1993 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6L DOHC from North America


Nice power, great comfort, great reliability


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with that car that was unmitigated.

I have had two flat tyres (since they were bald when I got the car...)

I had a small accident, where I ran over a kerb at 55MPH in the US. I blew two tyres on the spot, hit a small palm tree (which took off my right mirror), etc - but the car was in great shape after.

I only had to replace the mirror, engine fan (which had gotten partially knocked off...) and power steering box (which also had gotten hit).

General Comments:

I love this car.

The engine is quick to pick up - I can easily lay lots of rubber on a dry day, and accidently do, especially starting around turns.

Though the bottom end is no slouch, the car truly shows its grace after 60 KPH. Hitting the accelerator makes the car shift down, and zoooooooom!

It's incredibly comfortable (power seats, lumbar support...), has lots of toys to play with, a nice default car stereo, and it's quite peppy.

All of my mates are always asking to drive it.

I only wish it was a standard transmission...

Fuel economy really depends on how you drive it. If you are easy on it, you can easily achieve 6.5L/100km on the freeway (about 35 MPG).

With city driving, however, it is pretty brutal - the trip computer tells me 12.5L/100KM since last fill up, all city driving (a bit over 18 MPG).

I have the traction control system, and it's saved my life. I was going 160 KPH, when there was a traffic jam up ahead, full stop. I nailed the brakes, but there was no way I could make it - so I just slipped onto the soft shoulder. The car performed - no loss of control or sliding, which would have happened in a car without TCS.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

24th Nov 2002, 08:09

I got a 93 crown victoria, mileage2750000KM (freeway dirving). everything on her is OK!

But gas mileage is terrible. 100Km,23 Liter, it means:10.5 mile/gallon, (city), freeway,100Km,9liter, it is OK.

It is OK?

Can you give me a advice?

2nd Dec 2003, 06:14

I own a 1994 crown Vic and love it. But I live in New England with the snow and ice. It does not behave in this weather, feels like there is no traction. How can I resolve this?

14th Dec 2008, 17:57

Winter tires dude. you'll be driving a tank then.

23rd Dec 2008, 20:42

X2 on the winter tires! You may also want to put a couple of sandbags in the trunk.

30th Mar 2009, 15:42

I've driven full sized rear wheel drive cars all my life, and they're fine in the winter with snow tires (preferably studded), and a lot of weight thrown into the trunk. That is, if you know how to drive.

Of course it depends a bit on the weight of the car - I used to drive a '73 Coupe De Ville and with snows and weight it was really unstoppable. 80s & 90s full sized Fords and GMs weren't really quite heavy enough.