1995 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police 4.6L Modular V8 from North America


Reliable, Luxurious, and Fast


I blew out a freeze plug at about 176000 and that was an easy fix.

Just recently put in all new brakes and rotors on all four disc brake wheels.

New platinum plugs and wires.

New Thermometer.

Flushed Antifreeze.

General Comments:

Sure, it had a couple of minor repairs, but it runs unbelievably for the measly $1000 that I paid for it. Rides like a Lincoln and Hauls ass like a Mustang. When I hit the gas it takes off like a rocket or if I feel like a leisurely cruise, she purrs down the road like a kitten. It also turns on a dime. Not to mention the leather seat in back is like a couch, with room in the front as well with all the police gadgets cleared out from the center console. She'll hopefully last me a while with the heavy-duty police package on her.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2007

22nd Feb 2007, 22:29

We got over 320,000 miles out if ours. Yours will probably be around for a long time.

25th Feb 2007, 02:43

It is common for a 4.6 engine to run 300,000 miles. I just saw a 1999 Town Car on ebay with 551,000 miles. Good Luck.

3rd Mar 2007, 17:52

Leather seat in back?

Hardly. Try vinyl... much easier to clean the various, uh, fluids that the occupants of police car back seats may leave behind...

1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6 from North America


This is what a car shall be!


Rusted brake lines (replaced).

Brake rotors and pads (replaced once, last 50.000 km since then).

Rusted support arm of the muffler (discarded the helpless component).

Passenger window lifter (it sounds to be few hundred $ to repair: meanwhile fixed it with a stick).

AC condenser (replaced).

EGR valve (cleaned).

Plastic hook of sun-visor (broken by a previous owner).

Small rust spot in a rear wheel's compartment.


General Comments:

After 11 years the car looks, drives and sounds brand new.

The V8 howls very pleasantly and consumes NO oil.

Until now I am sometimes trying to start the running engine.

"Over-assisted" steering is very pleasant; shortly I've found myself using two fingers to steer.

Huge money/value: the price ranges $3K to $8K CAD in Canada for C.V. 1993 - 1999; mpg is 17/25 (11 on highway to 17-20 liters in a city per 100 km).

Acceleration is very adequate for everyday casual fun driving.

When you don't press on the gas, you will get to some 30 km/hour; that results in some kind of "light driving" feeling.

Braking is smart with a gradual increase of the brake force as you step on the pedal.

The seats are fairly comfortable.

Huge passive safety. In a minor frontal collision, the counterpart Chevy Lumina has ended in $2.5K CAD in repairs, when I've got some small scratch on the clear coat and bent license plate. On another occasion when parking I've hit a post fairly strong: absolutely no damage to the bumper! :)

The car drives smooooth; gently floats over bumps, but does not feel sloppy.

The rear wheel drive makes it very steady on slippery roads (however if you are stuck in snow, you may wish to have the front wheels drivable for a sec.).

The size (including the leg / head room and the trunk) is just right.

Seats 6: once in a while it may be very helpful.

Connecting of a child seat was not easy: no hook is in there and passing the belt to the trunk has been fairly tricky...

Lighting of the door key compartment is cool!

This is one beautiful, smooooth, strong, fast, fun, safe, versatile, very reliable and pocket-money priced piece of machinery!


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Review Date: 9th January, 2007

24th Dec 2011, 23:02

Yep, I have finally got rid of the great car.

It ended at about 340.000 km (210.000 miles) with a leaky radiator, dead after-market starter (it lasted 2-3 years).

Other problems included bubbled clear coat on the roof and the trunk, and rusty rear quarter panels and bottom of the trunk... engine and transmission have been running the same as day one... RIP... Considering to buy the next CV... slightly distracted by the lack of lighting of the door key compartment and plastic ignition switch in the newer models! :///