1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX 5.0 V8 from North America


The car is fast, reliable, and fun


The only thing (s) that have gone wrong with this car is there is a small hole on the muffler.

General Comments:

I bought this car for a great deal in 2001. It was owned by a local FBI agent and he sold it for a fair price. It has the police package (Dual exhaust, bumper guard, etc.) It is very quick off the line and has a top speed of roughly 130-135mph. The seats are perfect, the window motors work well, and the engine is near perfect. All together, fast, fun, reliable.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2005

10th May 2005, 22:26

You have the 4.6L (281) they stopped putting 5.0L (302) engines in crown victorias in 1991.

1995 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6 litre from North America


Great car, I'd buy another in a heartbeat!!!


Broken valve spring.

Tie rod ends, idler and pitman arm.

Lower control arm bushings.

Water pump.

Serpentine belt tensioner.

Mass Air Flow Sensor.


General Comments:

I bought this car in July of 1998 for $6600 with 196,000 kms (kilometers) on it and drove it till October 2003 when it had 392,000 kms and I spun a connecting rod bearing and sold it for $600.

Regular engine oil changes were performed every 5000 kms and tranny fluid changes were done every 50,000 kms. At about 350,000 kms it started using oil real bad, 1 liter every 1000 kms. It wasn't leaking, it was going out the tailpipe.

Overall reliability was very good in my opinion. It only left me stranded once in my driveway when the starter burned out at about 310,000 kms. I never had to replace a single light bulb. I never did any exhaust work on it either because of the stainless steel exhaust. The ride on this car was firm and enjoyable, long trips were comfortable. A 2000 Chev Impala Police Package replaced this car, I shouldn't say replaced because this car can't be replaced by a Police Package Impala.

Gas mileage on this car was about 21 to 23 mpg around town (better than my Windstar van) and on the highway I did get as high as 29 once.

If you are buying one of these, don't be in a hurry, try and research the maintenance practices the police service that it came from, you can do this by keeping track of what you look at. Look at the panels and you can generally see the name left by the decals.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2004

1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX Leather 4.6 SOHC from North America


Solid and safe and last forever


I got the car after my Maxima was lost in a wreck in 2000. With the pay off from the insurance and what I owed on the Mixima I had to buy a used cheaper car for cash.

I found the Crown Victoria at a Consignment lot for only $6700 with only 63,000 one owner miles.

I do a ton of driving to work, It is about 90-miles one way. We have no jobs around my small town.. It is common for us to drive this distance. Don't worry I use my car for a 5-Girl car pool to the factory.. They pay for all the gas.. For the use of my car... They pay for oil and all services.

I have put an easy 130,000-miles on the car in only 3-years and the only things that have gone wrong are 2-power windows broke the regulators. $170 each.

The Check Engine Light came on at 125,000-miles...It was a clogged EGR-Valve passage way. $300 to clean out.

I have to have the transmission serviced every 30,000-miles because it shutters if I don't. THe first time it did this was right after I got it. I called the previous owners and they felt bad about selling the car with a bad transmission they thought. I took it in to have it rebuilt and the shop said these cars will only need to be serviced... THe shop said that the transmission had never been serviced since new. It has worked fine and he even added some stuff to make the fluid work better. Transmission service cost me $80.00.

The car started to use some oil around 125,000-miles and now uses about 4 quarts between 5,000-miles oil changes.

THat is it. NOT one other issue or problem.

General Comments:

I never knew how good these cars were.

Mine gets 27.5mpg on highway at 65-70mph...

I love the digital dash and all the power stuff and the front seats have an air pocket in them that makes them feel so good when you puch on the button.

The car is so easy to get into and out of.

The a/c has never had to be recharged.. my other car had to have it every year or so.$$$$$$

I love the key pad on the driver's door.. I jsut keep the keys in the car and lock the doors.I will never have another car without this..

I love the battery saver that automatically shuts off lights and stuff that I leave on all the time... THe other car had to get jump starts all the time.

I love the power... I put 93octane in it and it will pass and fly when I get on the gas... the other girls get scared.

I love the huge trunk... We all keep changes of clothing in it and all kinds of stuff.. We sometimes have to rent a motel if we get iced in at work and we can put all the stuff we need to in the tunk and it still have room..I mean tons of stuff...quilts, 5 suitcases, shampoo soap box, microwave oven to use in motel, chains, 2-extra tires, huge heavy floor jack, leak proof bucket to keep a few quarts of oil in, first aid kits, washing powder, and 5-lunch buckets, and all kinds of other lost things in the trunk.Work uniforms for 5-people. My husband tells me we will make the air-suspension go out, but it hasn't yet.

The car feels so safe and heavy... A lot better then my last car..


Bad stuff... The cheap plastic inside of the doors pop when you get your leg pushes on it as you go around a sharp curve.

When I open up the tunk... water collects and pools in under the fake tail lights that go up with the tunk when I open it and the water pours out on my head and in the trunk... not bad only like 1-cup...

THe car is big... but could use more back seat leg room...

The radio is hard to reach... It needs the buttons on the steering wheel... I read that ford has finally put the radio buttons on the steering wheels on some new crowns.

THe hood latch is so hard to pull out... I had them oil it, but it is still so hard to pull to make it pop up..

THat is it...

I love that car and we plan to use it till it falls apart... We have hit so many small road animals and never hurt the car...Coons, possums, rabbits, a few cats and one dog... All on accident.. the dog cracked the lens off the right turn lamp.

A great car... Very solid...Runs and drives same as new.. at 194,000-miles.

I will buy another used one when that time comes...

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

22nd Jan 2004, 19:44

You might want to stick a spare key up under the fender somewhere. If you are locking your keys inside, you might have a problem getting in if your battery ever goes dead because the keypad won't work then (those battery savers are not 100% foolproof)

5th Feb 2004, 15:55

We have a 95 LX also. We got it new. Ours has 177,000 miles on it. It too has been a great car. Our only problem is the EGR valve getting clogged up. We have the transmission serviced every year because we have had the chatters as well.

He is right, our battery went south on us a few years ago and the keyless keyfob on the drivers door would not work. Also my Grandbaby locked himself in the car as it was running (Strapped in passanger seat-hit lock 2-yrs old) and the key pad will not work while the car is on. I ran in and got the other set and unlocked the car.

We are getting a new one as soon as the 04's go on sale this fall.

Our 95 is nice. We are going to keep it and use it to drive in the salt and keep the new one in the garage. (Our 95 has rust already--we live in heavy salt--hate to see our new one get the salt treatment.)

Great Cars. Very reliable.. Your right they need to put radio controls on the steering wheel.. In fact it is a option for the 04, I saw it in the book. Good deal.. I never though about it till you said it..

Also I noticed that the newer ones have no bulb on the doors when they are opened up.