1999 Ford Crown Victoria V8 from North America


Buy one and you'll appreciate it


Replaced Idle Air Control valve at 80,000 miles.

Replaced rear brake pads at 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has run perfect and never let us down.

It handles very well and runs great.

It still has the original brake pads on the front.

It has been one big major positive experience for us and I would not hesitate to buy another one.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2004

17th Oct 2012, 23:52

How does your Crown Victoria compare to your previous car, the Buick Century?

1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6L V8 from North America


Unbelievable performance bargain


I replaced tires and brakes.

Ignition coil burnt out at 52,000 miles ($41)

Noticed transmission "shudder" at 45,000 miles. I Had transmission shop put in Mercon V with a fluid additive.

Rear axle seal leaking, but I haven't fixed it.

General Comments:

This car is built like a tank.

The "smallish" V8 likes to be revved for optimum power. Thus, initial acceleration from a stop is sluggish. However, passing power on the highway is unbelievable. This thing is a freeway missle.

This car handles like a heavy sports car and can take curves aggressively and at high speeds.

Seats are unbelievably comfortable.

Car is very quiet on the inside with nary any rattles or squeaks.

Uses a little more gas than I would like in traffic. I attribute this to the slightly higher gearing of the police version of the car. (I'm getting 15mpg city and 21mpg highway).

Road bumps are transmitted to the cabin more than you'd think the 4000lb body should allow.

The rear seat is disappointingly small.

People always ask me why I drive "an old man's car" (hehe, little do they know about the wolf in sheep's clothing).

This car is the ultimate road trip car.

When I compare this car to my friend's BMW 325is, it beats it in every "performance" category. It is more comfortable, smoother, quieter, faster, and handles better. Enough said.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2003

16th Nov 2003, 21:37

Yes, the Crown's an awesome car!

Try www.crownvic.net.

I think you'll like it.


14th Dec 2003, 19:13

Is this car available in 5 spd?

29th Dec 2003, 10:09

A Crown Victoria with a 5-speed, hehheheh... oh wait a minute, you're serious?

6th Jan 2004, 10:17

I have a 1998 Crown Vic LX with the handling/performance package and absolutely love the car! It just turned 100k miles so I changed the spark plugs, fuel and air filters. I was told that both rear axle seals were leaking and found this website based on a search on the topic. I echo the others' comments in that most people have no idea what these cars have to offer! I've considered other cars, but have yet to find one with all of the features this car has - air suspension, automatic everything, keyless entry, and so on.

13th Feb 2004, 14:58

I would like to add to my review: To anybody that is considering buying one of these cars, I highly recommend buying a OBDII code reader (approx 150 at autozone). I've had three "coil packs" burn out in the last 10,000 miles. There is one coil pack for every cylinder and they are very finicky (I now keep a spare in the trunk just in case). The code reader will tell which spark plug is misfiring. Coil packs can be found for as little as $27, and can be changed in 5 minutes, so this is not a big deal... The car is running great, but beware that the P71 versions have very little trade in value. Now... I only wish that they came with manual transmission...

1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6 SFI SOHC V8 from North America


A high performance bargain


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

Brakes seem to shutter at times (possible ABS modulator problem).

Idler pulley seems to be make sound although this is just an annoyance and not something affecting the car.

Annoyance of rear doors not opening because of police package (can be fixed)

No CD player, just a stock stereo.

No amenities, everything except drivers seat is bare bones.

General Comments:

Car handles like its on rails, handles unbelievably at unreasonable speeds.

Excellent brakes.

Heavy duty seats are very comfortable on long trips.

Speed limiter set a 130 MPH, could go much faster.

0-60 time is low 8s which is great for a full size sedan.

Excellent value for a car.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2003

7th Apr 2004, 17:55

If it is a 1999, the back doors have child safety locks. Try checking to reset them if you have a problem with those doors.

26th May 2004, 17:36

The child safety switch is on the edge of the door below the latch. A quick flip and the doors work from the inside again unless the department that used it actually removed or disconnected the actuator rods. In that case you have to remove the inside door panel to fix or replace them.

16th Jun 2004, 11:01

Is your idler pulley sound a small squeak when shifting at wide open throttle?? Mine did that when I got it (99' p71), and I replaced the OEM belt with a Goodyear Gatorback belt. No more squeak! :) this apparently is common.

24th Dec 2009, 06:20

Regarding the rear doors, some police departments just engage the child locks, and place a rivet in the hole to lock them in place. I removed mine and set them to the appropriate position to allow use from the inside and out.