2003 Ford Crown Victoria CVPI P71 from North America


The way a car should be built


21K, nothing wrong.

General Comments:

An example of the way a car should be built. However, the auto makers would go out of business, because they would last too long. No sexy buzz words to hype the car. Just old fashion racing tech. (stiff ride, sway bars, balance).

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

3rd Apr 2004, 10:19

Had a few days with a cousin’s 2003 LX model Crown Victoria to ride around Long Island. It’s all what we British think a Yank-tank ought to be like. Hums along, has plenty of go when the pedal is banged down, but cruises along like a kitten…. Excellent car. Pity they are going to make it fleet only after this year….

2003 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport 4.6 V8 from North America




Radio lights burnt out right out of the box.

General Comments:

This car is superb at almost everything. The new rack and pinion steering is much better and the new frame rails make it tight and responsive.

It is very bouncy with the suspension over rough roads, but hopefully, the suspension will settle down after it wears in.

The motor is 1st class performance.

If I stick my foot in it, it gets 13 MPG, and will still do 25 MPG on cruise control.

It is a screaming bargain. 30,000 sticker and I paid 25k after the 2500 rebate and 2500 markup. I essentially bought it for 100 over invoice.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2003

29th Nov 2003, 09:35

I have a dark blue '03 Crown Vic LX Sport and I love when I pull up next to Civics and Accords and I floor it and blow the off the line. In my opinion, one of the great sleepers of today.

12th Feb 2004, 15:41

I have a 02 Grand Marquis LS, with digital dash and dual exhaust and redundant audio controls on the steering wheel, and got it for free. (Death of grandparent) I love the car, but I will warn you. If you drive the cars super hard, ie--like flooring it every time you take off and doing burn outs and drag racing the car, you will only get around 70,000-miles or less out of your transmission. Have all the fun you want if you have the extra money to put a new trans in, but if your like me and a poor college student, you will drive it right.

My dad is a county cop and he knows a lot about these cars and told me about how to drive them. I drive mine easy and it gets 24mpg 1/2 city and 1/2 highway.