2006 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor 4.6 from North America


Excellent purchase. A bulletproof high performance sedan


Nothing at all.

Was bought used, so had a few small dents and the paint wasn't perfect, so I got a friend who works at a body shop to fix the dents, and since the car was so cheap to purchase, I gave it a brand new custom paint job as well.

Also installed an aftermarket complete stereo system, as I had tons of money left over from what I had budgeted to buy a car.

General Comments:

Was looking for a reliable and durable commuter car with a big trunk to hold my work tools. Came across a 2006 P71 on Craigslist for $2000; way less expensive than any other 2006 models with similar mileage.

Had the car inspected at my garage and they found no problems, so I purchased it; a great bargain so far.

This is a really fun car to drive, and it handles extremely well at high speeds and corners like it's on rails. This is partly due to the police handling package and large, wide tires on the police package, but also due to the fact it is one of the last rear wheel drive full size cars.

Acceleration is breathtaking, and the stock dual exhaust sounds amazing; aftermarket would be too loud I think.

Interior comfort is very good with tons of legroom and a comfortable seating position with lumbar support, etc.

Has all the power options, and the A/C works very well.

Gas mileage is about 24 city / 28 highway, which is great for a car this size and comparable to a truck or SUV. Low maintenance costs and purchase price also make up for extra gas costs.

I have seen many of these cars with over 300k on them, and I am sure mine will make it to that with little maintenance as well. Hard to find any car that will make it to 300k these days.

Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase; feels like I got way too much car for my money. You really cannot go wrong with one of these, it is really one of the best used cars on the market.

I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a durable, reliable, low maintenance car with interior comfort. Also a great buy for anyone who wants an inexpensive sleeper muscle car. Aftermarket parts are cheap and easy to install, and these cars are easy to customize.

Really disappointed in Ford for discontinuing this model; would have been great with a complete body restyle; that's all it really needed to boost the sales of this model.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2013

5th Feb 2017, 05:19

Compared to a Dodge Caravan, I suppose one could be impressed with the handling.

5th Feb 2017, 18:35

That's why we bought Interceptors with the 440 V8 long ago. Heavy duty suspension package. I doubt you could have kept up with us. Our state went to the Caprice and Mustangs. Now a police car could be a van if that is your favorite.

5th Feb 2017, 20:51

Exactly which Crown Vic Interceptor (or any other Ford police car) was ever powered by a "440 V8"?

6th Feb 2017, 02:53

They were Mopars retired detective unmarks. Sorry about Interceptor description. You catch hell on here on the slightest details.