2008 Ford Crown Victoria Standard/Basic 4.6L from United Arab Emirates


Just keep producing such reliable cars!!


On 15000 KM the fuel pump had failed and replaced by local dealer under the warranty.

General Comments:

Despite the hot climate in my country (Dubai), and besides my heavy usage of this car (350 KM daily travel), in my view it's the most reliable car, and the most attractive stuff are the V8 engine + rear wheel drive.

Finally I say to Ford, "keep on the good work".

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Review Date: 13th October, 2009

14th Oct 2009, 10:21

Sorry to disappoint you - Ford will stop making these in 2011 - the St Thomas, Ontario, Canada, factory is to close down putting many workers out of a job. Ford want the public to buy the new Taurus - an ugly bulbous thing with a hideous interior. This marks the end of an era - rock solid body on frame construction. The Aussies might rescue us yet when they export the Caprice to North America (I think you already have this one in the U.A.E) - so there's hope yet!