24th Mar 2009, 19:47

I agree with all these comments. You bought a 4000lb rear wheel drive V8? What did you expect, 30mpg??? And I can assume if your Toyotas were cars, the motor probably wasn't any bigger than 3.0L compared to 5.0L. Also it's an old car, and yeah good luck trying to find a 23 year old Toyota anywhere other than a junk yard.

As for the stalling when you turn to your right, either your power steering pump is almost seized and the serpentine belt is stalling the motor, this can actually lock up the motor if it totally seizes, easy fix??? Or could be a fuel pump fuel filter or fuel tank, which are also very easy to fix and cheap. The most expensive repair I named is probably $300.00, most could be done yourself with minimal knowledge of vehicles. So maybe try maintenance.

Oh, and the no starting could be caused by the seized power steering pump putting too much force on the starter, or your starter solenoid is gone; $9.99 at most parts stores, located just on the hood on the passenger side fender.

To end, if these cars are so unreliable, why have people been buying them since 1979, and why are they used by cops and taxis??? (because they're bulletproof!) Every car can be a lemon, it depends who's taking care of it!

4th May 2010, 07:08

I own a 1985 Crown Vic LTD myself. She sat in a field for years with no love and care. The car is now 25 years old, and has some minor electrical bugs (wiring gets brittle when it's that old), but it starts every day, and even did so at -18 degrees F. And that's with 10W-30 in it, I just let her sit and idle for about 10 minutes every morning before driving. Honestly you can't expect too much mileage, I mean they are 4200 pounds. I agree though if she runs like crap, or doesn't run at all, it's only because you drew the short stick and found one that wasn't taken care of.