4th Aug 2012, 01:28

Where in Toronto did you buy it? Carco in Ajax? Just wondering because I'd like to buy one myself, and ran into that place online.

21st Nov 2012, 19:38

I bought it private from a fella that brought it over from Nova Scotia. It was an RCMP cruiser and in immaculate condition.

I've had the car for over two years now, and have only the best things to say about it!!! It's getting close to 200 k without any issues.

I'd definitely buy one, but not from Toronto Police; those can be run down a lot more, and also they rotate shifts, so basically the cars run 24/7 except for maintenance, and deal with a lot of abuse from the city streets etc. It's better to get from OPP or RCMP, because those usually don't rotate 24/7 and mostly get highway miles.

My Crown Vic was in police service for less than 2 years (from fall 2007 - fall 2009), then it was sold at auction in December 2009, and sat on the guy's yard for 8 months before he sold it to me (he's driven less than 2k during that time).

My Vic is now over 5 years old, and I'd love to trade up for a 2011, and hopefully the time will come, but I LOVE MY CVPI! It's a shame they're no more...

25th Apr 2013, 03:00

Hello. What is the fuel tank capacity for the Interceptor P71?

The regular LX Crown Victoria's have air ride suspension. What suspension does the P71 have?

29th Apr 2013, 00:01

Fuel tank capacity is 19 gallons. Suspension info:

"Police Interceptors have higher-rate coil springs, approximately 0.8 inches (20.3 mm) of additional ground clearance, and thinner rear antiroll bars (shared with the LX Sport) than the Handling and Performance Package Crown Victorias; the base Crown Victoria does not have a rear anti-roll bar."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Crown_Victoria_Police_Interceptor#Body_and_chassis

6th Apr 2017, 02:55

I assure you, take the body off of any other 2007 Panther Platform vehicle, down to just the frame. I guarantee you would not be able to tell the difference between it and your Crown Vic. They do not have all this "heavy duty" frame, brakes, and power upgrades. It's just lower gears, and stiffer shocks. Simple as that.