20th Aug 2001, 23:12

155 mph is probably a stretch, considering it has a 140 mph speedometer. Yes, it received a healthy horsepower increase for 2001, but it's still only 25. My 1998 will do 132 mph. I'd say 140-145 is possible.

6th Feb 2003, 23:22

These cars have high gear ratio transmissions and rear ends. Plus, these small v8 engines don't have much low-end torque and produce maximum power at higher rpms. That is why the car is not too quick of the start, but has a good top speed.

26th May 2003, 16:58

The late model PI Crown Vic's have speed limiters. There is no way to go 155 without some computer tuning. I have drove 4 different model years. I have gone a max 137 in a 97 PI. I have been driving these for 6 years.

1st May 2006, 13:44

I have never owned a Crown Vic Police car, but wish I could can't get the money together. I have respect for the people who own the car and hope they feel the same. I began to like them when my Dad owned the old Mn Highway Patrol cars back in the early 60's which were Maroon and white and were Ford's.My Dad owned the 1957-58-59 Patrol cars. He had them one at a time tho, traded up everytime he went in. My dream is to someday own a 2000-2004 Ford Crown Vic-Dark blue-dual spotlight's just a dream, but might as well dream big my Dad always said doesn't cost anything. Again my respect to all the Ford Crown Vic Police cars and people that own them.

29th Aug 2007, 14:12

Get rid of the hub caps. They fall off at high speeds and they make noise because the hub caps are constantly flexing while you are driving. I fixed the problem by buying centercaps that snap on over special lug nuts that have a lip machined into them. I haven't had a problem since. The lug nuts are hard to come by. Don't buy them at Ford. Ford wanted $6 a lug nut. I didn't feel like paying $120 for 20 of them so I went to Napa and bought the same lug nuts for $1.75 a piece. Centercaps cost like $15 a piece. It's definately worth the little extra money to do it right. I don't recommend buying the CV alloy wheels unless you want to pay $220 a rim. Keep the black steel rims and buy the center caps and lug nuts for a total price of $95.

8th Feb 2008, 10:10

I too own a 2000 P71 that was purchased from the FBI with 80k miles on it. The car is very agile for its size and easily passes with great mid-range power. I don't see the need to test the top speed as I value my life and license, but it feels as strong as any sport-sedan that I've owned. Just watch the intakes for leaks, flush the transmissions yearly, and get rid of those pursuit tires if you drive in the snow belt. By far the worst tires for winter traction in history and the cause of those covers flying away.

24th May 2009, 09:40

I just bought a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. I have had great results so far. I do crime watch patrol, so I am in my car 8 hours a night. It is a comfortable car to drive and handles great. Everything works on it and the gas mileage is alright for a big car in town. I am very pleased with it and got a great deal on it. I have driven Dodge Interceptors and Chevy, and there is no comparison.

21st Oct 2009, 01:32

I just purchased a 2000 Police Interceptor. I really love the car, it has lots of power and it easily merges through traffic. I'm not too sure, but I think the transmission has a shift kit, because every time I mash the pedal to the floor, the transmission kicks into each gear with great acceleration. It also came with the Goodyear Eagle ultra grip tires with lots of tread, I just have to stop smoking the tires. LOL.

13th Feb 2010, 14:45

I have a 2009 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. I would like to known if anyone knows if I can mount the 17"x7 alloy wheels (5 spokes) from the 2008 Crown Vic. LX on my Police Interceptor?

18th Jun 2011, 10:49

I just bought a 2000 P71 CV that was owned by the Chula Vista Police Dept. back in CA. Then it got owned by a taxi driver. He only had it for a month then resold it. I would have love that the taxi guy wouldn't put all the taxi decals on... but... that's OK.

I got it on a great price 790 dollars, yes seven hundred and ninety dollars. Real bargain considering all that it has. It has 2 power supply 750 watts on the back for electronics and whatnot. It has all the components for buttons on the doors and all has the center console with the command console of buttons to work a lot of lights and all. It has the laptop mount still in place, special lights for ID check or making reports at night. It has a kevlar wall between the rear passenger and driver... and just drove all a tough 180k miles on it.

It runs like a kitten. You can approach by stealth on this big car or get by speed runs great. With a top speed of 145 MPH this car handles great. It has very good mileage, it's giving me 20/25 MPG either city or highway.

I love this car. It is black with all black tint factory windows so no hassle by the cops. It does have 4 antennas on the trunk and two LED light amber on the back windows. LOL. A real nice car for someone that works at a fire department. I might get my LT promotion sooner LOL.

2nd Sep 2012, 10:48

The standard Crown Victoria (in California) tops out at a computer governed 107 MPH, and the P-71 Interceptor is certified at 131. Was yours modified or supercharged?