14th Mar 2006, 14:03

I had a 97' that did the same at 92000 miles. Are you aware of the class action law suit against Ford? Unfortunately it expires on the March 16 2006. But they are reimbursing for the cost of the repair if you take it to a Ford dealer, naturally with the reciept.

23rd Dec 2006, 11:05

First of all to anyone who said this Crown Vics, Grand Marquis's and Town Cars have 4.6L V8 engines not 4.8L Get it straight. Second of all I have a 96 Town Car and honestly just turned 400,000kms (almost 250,000miles) and NOT ONCE has my intake failed on me. It has not failed or leaked or anything. It has been to the same mechanic since new and he has not once touched it (or if he did, he did it for free and didn't tell me). Every car has problems. deal with it; Toyota's, Honda's, Chevy, Ford, EVERYTHING has a problem eventually. As I said I got almost 250,000miles on my car and I wouldn't want to drive anything else. And a small note on the rear accident thing, what car would have held together even half as well as the Crown Vic after being plowed in the rear by an 18-wheeler doing 60mph? Come on honestly. ANY other car would have buckled and bent into a twisted charbroiled piece of metal. Give Ford a break once in a while and focus on other problems with cars.

2nd Feb 2015, 23:38

I have had 2 Crown Vics (the '97 was a PI). The 98 is an LX (single exhaust), and I agree, I've never heard of a plastic intake manifold that cracks!!! That should NEVER be! However, I've had mine replaced (700 bucks). I did not get reimbursed by Ford. Can't seem to get that going thru the internet, but, I have to say that -- besides that one terrible thing, the Crown is a very reliable, heavy riding, smooth running, enjoyable to drive automobile. I love the cars... all years.

The 4.6 liter engine does NOT spin fast, and only produces 200 HP... or 215 with a dual exhaust... or 220 with single and 239 with dual... pending the year... 265, 275, 285. These are good torque numbers. It really is a great running car. Next... maybe I'll get a used Lincoln. Panther cars!!!