10th Feb 2006, 09:11

Hi again, I’m the original writer of the review…

And I found the very interesting (and a bit kina scary) comment of the “Fuel Tank Location” in the Crown Vic.

I just wanna say: Cool Down Dude…

I read many articles in many web-sites before I buy the car…

And as far as I know

- There was no such “leaking fuel accidents” among civilian vehicle.

- Those accidents happened only to highway patrol cops that got hit from the back buy mostly drunk drivers at very high speeds.

- The Crown Vic. Has recorded a very good safety rating in many crash-tests.

With my heart full of sadness for all those brave cops whom were victims of these accidents –may their souls rest in peace- but in my personal opinion; I think that the media and some web. Sites has over-reacted this issue a little bit, and we should not blame the Ford, simply because any car gets rear crashed in very very high speed might have the same problem.

I think that America should really be proud of Ford because the entire world love and respect the FORD vehicles.

10th Feb 2006, 13:54

Sorry, but we are talking about the same company that developed the original Mustang and the Pinto, both of which had gas tanks essentially at their rear bumpers.

The Vic is an unsafe car and I find it hard to believe that the police version is sooooo radically different that the gas tank is moved TOWARDS the rear vs. the regular consumer car.

11th Feb 2006, 03:10

Civilian vehicle or police vehicle!! doesn't matter. CROWN VICTORIA is a very unsafe vehicle because of its poor location of the fuel tank which catches fire when rear ended, Ford has acknowledged this, but not boldly, only after being forced to by US Senators and Dept. of auto safety and has settled law suits outside of the court. Ford is offering Protective shields, but you got to buy and pay for the installation. Get one because it is not worth taking a chance with your and others life.

11th Feb 2006, 12:40

I bought one of these things after doing research into the gas tank issue. There are about 40,000+ auto fatalities per year in the US. Since 1992, somewhere between 40-160 people total have been killed in CV/GMs after rear end crashes - one I read about was a rear end collision by a big truck. It happens most often to cops, because they sit at the edge of the highway in heavy traffic. The NHTSA talked to the CHP for their report, who said they had a 'high energy' rear end collision about once a week, and didn't notice an unusual problem with fires. The report is on the web. Typically you have to get hit from behind by a 3000 pound car going 50-70 mph. Don't try that in any car; I've seen accounts on the web of cop impalas burning after a similar collision.

It is a risk, and it can be mitigated somewhat by the protection upgrade. But it's not a death sentence. If you really fear dying in cars (remember, 40,000+ per year do), stay off the road.