6th Mar 2006, 20:36

Exactly. I did say 16 to 20 mpg. This is not whining, it is a compliment. The statement says, "if you use that V8 you will pay for it". That means if you put your foot to the floor the mileage will adjust accordingly. Last time I checked that was not an option on a Geo Metro.

8th Sep 2006, 15:02

Update to this Crown Victoria:

I recently did a 300 mile road trip and averaged 23 miles to the gallon. This was about 80% highway with speeds in 75mph range and 20% stop and go traffic and slow dirt roads. This car continues to amaze me at how competent it is.

I was caught in a downpour earlier this summer and drove through 1 foot of water (no other option). She did fine. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for cheap and reliable transportation. I do take good care of her, but by no means is she babied. As with any automobile, try to get one with a good service history.

20th Jul 2008, 10:20

I Now have a 1988 Crown Vic. It was purchased by my father brand new in 1988. He passed away in 2003, and I have had it ever since. I have to agree that it indeed a truly amazing automobile. It stays stored most of the time, though I do take it out on the road on occasion. It never fails to start right up, and run very smoothly to this day. It is in Remarkable condition. The air conditioning has recently stopped blowing cold. (more than likely due to drying of the seals)... Other than that. I have to say that the car is very solid, and will never stop amazing me, as to it's reliability. It is charcoal, with a black mid-vinyl top, as is indeed beautiful in and out.

14th Jun 2009, 20:19

I'm on my second 88 Crown Vicky. The first lasted over 165K and I accidentally dented the side and cannot drive a dented car. The car was very reliable but I always hated the gray colour and thought about finding another. I'm a Jersey boy and found a low mileage burgundy beauty in Florida a year ago while on vacation. Drove if home to Jersey with no problems. I've since ditched the factory wheels for steel ones and am sporting some cool seventies GM wire hubcaps and a continental kit salvaged from my old car. The bright work on this car makes it really stand out. They won't ever build them like this again and I'm glad to have it, I get compliments all the time.

15th Jun 2009, 13:46

I love these old 1980s boxy sedans - Fords and GMs. But it seems bizarre to me that someone who is unashamed to drive around in a 1988 Crown Vic would say 'I can't drive around in a dented car'.

31st Jul 2009, 16:31

Currently driving a 1988 Crown Vic Ltd. All white with white vinyl top. Bought it off my neighbor who bought it off a lot back in 88. Bought the car for only $1000 and had it for almost 2 years.. extremely comfortable car. Great for taking to the drive in.

But now going to trade it in for a 09 Ford Focus or Ranger with this whole new government $4500 rebate towards a downpayment on a new car.. She served me well and had some great memories that probably won't experience in a small dinky gas efficient car. And yes this car destroys gas. You guys must be driving extremely slow on the freeway or something cause I burn through $20 in about 2-3 days of just driving to work, my girlfriends house and home.

1st Aug 2009, 20:33

You'll save gas with the Focus, but you'll really miss the Crown Vic in the end...

14th Aug 2009, 06:09

My '88 Crown Vic is a lifelong West Texas car, garaged it's entire life. I bought it last year from the original 85 year old owner for $1600. It is obviously the very top of the line of its year because I don't know of any other option that was available that this car does not have.

It is flawless inside and out. Two tone pewter in color with the extended roofline at the rear and half vinyl roof. Turbine wheels, tan leather interior.

Its stereo was of course outdated and the speakers were tired, so I upgraded the tunes.

The only mechanical repairs and upgrades it needed have been tires, shocks, water pump, belts and hoses, alternator, plugs and wires, R-134 retrofit.

It had 112,000 miles on it, and I have put 16000 miles on it since Oct '08.

City driving runs around 19 mpg and a road trip back in December it averaged 22 highway mpg over 1200 miles. I recently entered it in a car show and got an "honorable mention". I could not be more pleased with this vehicle. It is just like brand new.