1988 Ford Crown Victoria LX 5.0 EFI V8 from North America


Victory for those who choose it!


Power antenna mast is broken.

Speakers are all blown.

Leaking water pump.

General Comments:

My Vic is charcoal with the black top. This is probably the most reliable and solid car I have ever owned (and I have owned a few!). I bought it from a sweet old lady as a short term solution to my transportation problem (it is in wonderful condition). I am amazed at how sedate and comfortable it is with the combination of a seamless power-band.

The gas mileage is not that bad. I average between 16 and 20 on a tank with primarily city driving. The little computer lets you watch fuel economy so you can squeeze out the drops - and it is pretty accurate.

Some great things about this auto:

1) People tend to give lots space when when parked -they do not want those big chrome bumpers near their plastic bumper pride and joys!

2) The 302 has plenty of power when needed.

3) Dreamy bench seat comfort, climate control that works WELL - hot and cold.

4) Excellent cold weather performance (hot weather too). Think of Detroit, and Canada in the winter. These people made the Vic.

5) The trunk... you have to see it to believe it... we are not exaggerating. It is TREMENDOUS in size.

The bad stuff is really not so bad. If you use that V8 you will pay for it and she wallows like an old feather bed. So time to replace those speakers and get some sway bars.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

3rd Mar 2006, 20:28

The reviewer stated between 16 and 20 mpg in mostly city driving, which is pretty reasonable for a 302, and pretty good compared to a lot of new cars. It is certainly better than brand new mid and full size pickups and SUVs. Perhaps the first responder is angry about doing so badly on a recent math test, because both quoted values, "16" and "20" have two digits, and are not a single digit value as the first responder mistakenly believes. You just have to understand that two is more than one.

1988 Ford Crown Victoria LX 5.0 from North America


I love this car, Really wonderful car


My next door left the car sitting on the lot for months. I asked next door people what wrong with the car? They say need new motor which it won't crank. They say I can have it for $50.00. I went ahead brought it.

I had the car battery jumped and I notice that the air pump was frozen I thought it could make the engine won't turn. I cut the belt for the air conditioning and the air pump. I try to start the motor finally turn, but won't fire up. I check the fuse for the fuel pump and replaced it.

Got the motor started and running smooth.

Went for a nice drive and find brake rotor warped.

Replaced brakes and rotors.

Recharged air conditioning with 134A blow cold wonderful.

General Comments:

Everything in car works fine.

My wife want CD player in. Put Sony cd player with 1000 watts amp and Sony 12 inches sub woof.

I installed K&N filter cone.

Bosch 4 point spark plugs.

This car drive quick and burn rubber lot.

I really love this car.

I am looking for other car same as this car.

Fuel run around 26 miles per gallon on highway with k&n filter.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2005

1988 Ford Crown Victoria LTD LX PI V8-351 5.8L 2 bbl HP from North America


Police Interceptor... Accept no substitute!


Transmission went out at about 185,000 miles. Its being replaced with a Richmond Gear 6 speed manual transmission (used in Mustang Cobras). Interceptor is under total overhaul process at the moment, being updated, rebuilt & all that other stuff with GT Mustang, Lincoln Town Car & Police Package/ Severe Service Duty Parts.

General Comments:

This car is fast, does 140 easy in under 30 seconds. I've smoked many "rice rockets" with this big machine. Acceleration is where this baby shines, especially with the 3rd gear lockout.

P is for Panther (ok, ok, it means Police... Happy now?)

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Review Date: 9th March, 2004