1994 Ford Econoline 5.8 V8 from North America




Transmission slips, however instead of replacing the transmission I just used a product called LubeGuard in it and it's fixed.

Brake light on dash stays on constantly, but can't find the problem anywhere with the brake system.

General Comments:

Great van and very comfortable captains chairs and bench seat.

Strong powerful Windsor engine.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2019

6th Jan 2019, 04:57

Good idea about the LubeGuard.

You may want to follow that up with a transmission fluid and filter change. You could always follow that up with more LubeGuard.

1994 Ford Econoline from North America


A strong van and very durable


Fuel Pump, Starter, front end needs work.

General Comments:

A very durable van. A gas guzzler for sure! I'm almost at 200,000 miles and I haven't had a whole lot of problems as of yet... just had to replace my starter and fuel pump.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2007

1994 Ford Econoline E150 V6 from North America


This was a terrific vehicle--extremely dependable/reliable


Steering column had to be replaced at around 140,000.

Ignition switch (the decorative piece you put your key into) on new (used) column broke off in 2006, but we were still able to start the vehicle.

A problem with the transmission not shifting properly into gear was easily fixed by our mechanic by replacing transmission vacuum modulator (193,000). No need for a new/rebuilt transmission--a welcome change from previous vehicles!

Went through tires pretty rapidly; not sure why, but tread wear seemed excessive.

No major engine work.

Replaced both sway bar bushings at front axles at 193,000.

Had fuel pump assembly replaced at 195,000; fuel pressure regulator replaced at 207,000.

General Comments:

Overall we have had very few problems with the car, especially in relation to other vehicles we have owned.

We were the 2nd owners. 1st owner used nothing, but synthetic oil. We continued that until our mechanic mistakenly put regular oil in it at about 190,000. Not sure if the synthetic oil contributed to the long life of vehicle.

Comfort marks weren't as high as they could have been; however, that has more to do with the conversion package that it had--not the physical vehicle itself.

Vehicle handled well; a little play in steering.

We put about 200,000 miles on the vehicle over the 10 years or so that we had it. Very reliable transportation. Would not hesitate to purchase another; in fact, we are looking for a similar vehicle to purchase.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2007

5th Feb 2007, 09:44

I'm pretty sure this vehicle must have been the 300 inline six (4.9 litre). I don't think they had a V-6 at that time. Great motor though.

12th Aug 2007, 20:34

Synthetic oil definitely does make engines last longer. They are better than conventional oil in every respect. But, they are not all created equally. AMSOIL and Mobil 1 are the two best by far.

I only run Mobil 1. I would run AMSOIL if it were easy to get, but it is not. I have NEVER had a problem with Mobil 1, nor had an engine fail while I was using it. This includes my boat engine (s), which I run the absolute snot out of.

9th Jan 2010, 00:32

This engine will run 300,000 miles easily on conventional oil just fine. The synthetic does help, but this engine is well engineered and will last a LONG time regardless. If you run synthetic in a piece of crap engine, it still won't last.. Been there, done that.

1994 Ford Econoline 302 from North America


Real nice van, but you need deep pockets to keep her rolling.


The parking brake cable broke at 15000 miles, and then again around 30000 miles. It cost over $125 to repair it each time, I don't use it anymore.

The rear Air Conditioner bit the dust in 1996. Over $600 to repair it. The rear Air conditioner died again in 1998, over $600 again. Died again in 2005 and I haven't repaired it yet.

The power steering pump went at 33,000 miles.

Ignition system module fried around 35,000 miles. I believe this was the same part that Ford was involved in litigation over, but I'm not sure. The vehicle would just shut down as we were driving down the highway.

The 302 in a Conversion Van sounds really powerful, but it's a real dog. I should have gone for the 351.

I was also very surprised with the high level of wind noise in the front seats, with all the windows closed. A Club wagon that I had previously owned was much quieter.

General Comments:

Great vehicle for Road Trips. Extremely comfortable for a family of five for extended trips. Very stylish, looks great. I've maintained the undercoating and Bright work and paint finish, and the van looks great. Still a head turner after all these years.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2006