1994 Ford Econoline V8 5.0 gasoline from North America


Do not take a 94 model


The suspension is horrible and makes the driving dangerous. It is like sailing a boat on a bad sea.

Cruise control & ABS are out of order.

Handling very imprecise.

General Comments:

The motor seems good and have power. Transmission is OK

It is very roomy and have a lot of pockets to place things.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2004

17th Dec 2004, 06:26

Did you not drive this vehicle before you bought it?

Wouldn't the suspension and handling shortcomings have been apparent to you then?

Seems like you would only have yourself to blame!

26th Dec 2004, 22:52

YOu are right I just bought the car on an auction. I had an aerostar before and I was not very familiar with this new kind of car. I now feel the handling better and the suspension good. I think it is a good car.

Still the cruise control is not working and I hear some strange noises when I pass over a hole.

5th Jun 2005, 18:25

I to have a 94 e150, if the cruise control and horn both don't work chances are it is what they call a clock key spring that is wrong with it. mine is horrible on gas 10-13mpg hwy, suspension is bad as well after $600 of work and the ABS light goes on and off at will for no reason. I have th 4.9 6cyl which I have heard is one of the best engines made and have heard others have gotten 500k-900k and still going. yes, it is very roomy and comfy though.

Stalls and dies without warning in heat after 100 to 200 miles of constant driving not sure if it is the ignition relay or a weak fuel pump?

Any suggestions!

5th May 2009, 01:28

The comment about the steering being imprecise is accurate. I own a 1994, and did not test drive it as it was my dad's, and then it became mine after he passed away.

I suspect that it being top heavy and having an under-rated narrow rear axle causes this van to float or fishtail when any sudden jerk of the steering wheel is necessary. That float will then cause an over-correction by the driver trying to line the front and rear wheels up again, but the problem compounds with each attempt. This happens in a second or two, and at 75mph you will probably roll the vehicle. Any evasive maneuvers are to be avoided at all costs. This van is a chore to drive, never take your eye off the road as a little drift will turn into a nightmare.

Check stats on vehicle van rollovers where no other vehicle was involved just the van. The numbers will shock you.

1994 Ford Econoline Club Chateau 7.5 gas (460 c.i.) from North America


I would recommend it, if inspected by a qualified mechanic


The roof paint is chipping off in large pieces; Ford was contacted and not interested in helping out with paint/prime problem.

Oil consumption is high: 1 liter per fill up (about 500 km). I have been told to rebuild the engine (estimate $2500 to $5000).

ABS brake system light comes on when going over bumps and costs $80 at the dealer to reset.

Exhaust manifold stud has broken and will be expensive to repair.

Fuel consumption is very high (about 9 mpg)

Catalytic converter needed replacing for $800.

General Comments:

The van has plenty of power and pulls a travel trailer caravan) easily at highway speeds.

Great visibility to see traffic ahead.

The interior layout is good and the captain seats for driver and passenger are comfortable on long trips. The seat in the rear folds flat to make a comfortable bed for two when traveling.

There is lots of useful space inside with the needed pockets and cup-holders.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2004

1994 Ford Econoline Conversion Van 350 from North America


Front end and brakes have been awful. once at 40,000 and the other at 75,000. Total make over. I have had two new rear ends, one at 60,000 and the other at 95,000. The transmission just failed and had to be replaced (110,000 miles) The conversion package was not too good either.

General Comments:

This vehicle has made me not want to buy another Ford product.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2003

26th Jul 2004, 16:04

I have owned my 1994 Ford Conversion Van since it was new and have had no trouble with it. I have over 100,000 miles on it and have put no money into it except for normal maintenance. I'll be sorry when I have to part with it.

26th Jan 2005, 14:57

We have replaced the transmission in our 1994 Ford Econoline conversion van twice. It is acting up again. We also have had trouble with ABS, Cruise Control and brakes. I would recommend staying away from Ford Econoline.