30th Aug 2012, 05:31


I have a 1992 Ford Econovan Maxi. When I bought it, it was running superb for at least 4 months, but about 2 months ago it stopped just suddenly, after running very twitchy for a while. First thought was that it might be the fuel filter, but the filter was clean and looked very good. I have got it started again, but it has still been running a bit twitchy, without stopping for a while. And now lately it has started to run very bad again, once it's stopped, and it took an hour before we could get it running again. It is a problem that seems to be coming back every now. One mechanic thought it might be the carburetor that was full of crap, but after talking to a carb serviceman, I have heard if it is the carb, it wouldn't start again unless I would have cleaned the carb, which I haven't.

Anyone have any thoughts of what it could be??

Glad for any suggestions!

Cheers Conny.

27th Oct 2012, 17:54

It may be a bit late for this person to be helpful, but it may be useful for others. A dirty carby or fuel filter, or other blockages in the fuel system, quite often are intermittent, and can come & go as described. The foreign material builds up at the filter or carby jet, until it impedes the flow of fuel. When the motor or pump is stopped, the material can disperse to a certain degree, & allow the car to run at various degrees of performance, until it constricts the fuel flow again.

29th Dec 2012, 21:05

Did you find out the cause? Sounds very similar to the problem I am having...

31st Mar 2016, 10:30

I am a Zambian and I have an Econovan (manual) and the fuel consumption is very bad. 20 litres to cover 100km. What am I supposed to do to make it consume less fuel?

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31st Mar 2016, 23:08

Sounds like you have a factory prototype fitted with a Rolls-Royce Merlin... or else a hole in the fuel tank.