EcoSport XLT 2.0

Great city car for rougher S. Am roads

162 words, Argentina

EcoSport XLT 2.0

Built for the road, excellent results

24 words, Venezuela


EcoSport XLS Zetec Rocam 1.6 litre

An underpowered gas guzzler with little room for cargo.

178 words, Chile

EcoSport 2.0

Build quality is terrific

119 words, Mexico

EcoSport XLT 2.0 gas

It is a good car

26 words, Costa Rica

EcoSport 1.6

Fun car for a low price

100 words, Mexico, 1 comment

EcoSport lxt 2.0 lt. 4 cylinder 16 V

Good choice for low budget

56 words, Venezuela