2017 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0 Ecoboost from North America


Very well rounded SUV that has some performance to go with its utility



General Comments:

Just picked up an Escape as I needed a more comfortable vehicle and something with AWD. I looked at a variety of vehicles and narrowed it down to the Escape and the Mazda CX-5. Comparing year to year and under 20K mile vehicles, the Escape offered so much more for the money.

First up, the engine is way more powerful. It has a 58 HP advantage over the Mazda and it really is effortless in acceleration and just general driving around. The strange part is I found the 2.0 engine is no different price wise on used Escapes over the 1.5 engine that they also offer. The driving dynamics are night and day though. I pulled out of the dealer in a 1.5 liter, and as soon as I stepped on it I knew it wasn't for me. 179 HP is simply not enough for this type of a vehicle. A 2.0 is easy enough to find though as this is an extremely popular vehicle and you only lose 1 mpg with it on average over the 1.5.

The only things that kind of bother me with the drive are one, the auto stop/start feature. It's just annoying to me. The worst part is they tested these with and without that feature on and it made no significant difference in the mileage. I switch it off every time I drive. It should have a permanent off setting. The other thing they did to reduce gas consumption is have it shift out at low speeds. Sometimes it drones when it does that. All of the ones I drove were the same. It's just a fuel saving measure, but it can be a bit annoying.

Speaking of mileage... that is the one downside. I am not used to that though as I've never owned an SUV. I went from 30 mpg around town to maybe 20. Thankfully I don't drive a lot. I'm hoping for 30 mpg highway, but I haven't done a lot of highway cruising yet. It does drive extremely well at highway speeds though and I had to watch it in order to not hit 80 with it.

The Titanium is very well equipped. Heated leather seats, driver and passenger power seats, ALL of the windows have auto up and down which I've never seen. I have the Sony 10 speaker sound system which is the best I've ever had. The Sync 3 works perfect and has Apple CarPlay. I don't have the NAV package, but I use the phone and it comes right up on the display. I also don't have a sunroof but didn't want one. That is a feature I just never use and I'm glad it's not a forced option like on most higher end models. It also has the power liftgate which I have to admit is nice.

Overall I love it so far. I'll check back with updates.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2020

20th Mar 2020, 20:21

Get used to the mileage. Regardless of what official fuel consumption figures are (which are laboratory conditions, not real world), ANY car will use more fuel the heavier they are. You had an Elantra - a small, light-enough car. Remember - the moment the car stops, the engine will need to work to push the weight of that entire car again to move even a foot. So in the same traffic jam, your Elantra will need less fuel to get it to move, than a much heavier Escape. If the car is running constantly like on a freeway/motorway, then almost any car becomes very efficient, it only takes a little more gas to keep that weight rolling. Try it - before a long trip on the open road, fill up the tank, zero the tripmeter, drive a hundred or so miles/km, then gas up to the brim. Check the mileage from there, and you might be pleasantly surprised. But yeah, in urban traffic, light vehicles are the best way for fuel efficiency.

22nd Mar 2020, 02:53

Nice review, with useful detail. :)