24th Jun 2009, 17:38

I own a 2005 Ford Escape that has 59,980 miles. At 2:00 on 6/24/09 the engine died while paying for the turnpike. It would start but would die when put into drive. Had it towed to a Ford dealer ($184.25), was told it was the torque converter and that it would cost me $1800. At 59,980 miles, and the dealership where I bought my car not offering any kind of discount on an $1800 bill, my next car will not be a Ford. I will do a lot of internet research before I purchase another car.


18th Jul 2009, 11:06

Call me fortunate, I drove off the lot with 2 miles on the 2002 Ford Escape XLT. We have been very happy with this vehicle and have only had to replace the EGR valve and master xylinder.

However a while back the engine light came on and I found out that it was from my transmission. The torque converter was going out. I thought, "Great, what does that look like?" I took it in a couple weeks ago and I was told that I needed a new tranny or to have it rebuilt. $2400-$3000.

As I said I'm fortunate because I do have 165,000 miles on my Escape. So my decision is drive it till it dies and leaves me stranded or get something new... Grrrrr I hate being here.

21st Jul 2009, 23:13

Well I too am fortunate. I have had my 03 Escape XL cyl. for almost 7 years.. I have just found out I need 3 plug converters so I will be driving this til it stops.. I have now 175,000 on mine bought it with only 5 miles on it...

I am thinking of possibly a Beetle, not sure LOL.

24th Jul 2009, 13:15

I have a 2002 Ford Escape with 44,000 miles on it, the transmission on occasion sounds like you are driving across a road strip, it only lasts for a second or so. I am afraid that the transmission is going, I did have the fluid changed at 30,000 as they recommend, but from what I am reading I might be smart to unload it for something like a Toyota or Hyundai.

Leon / Mn.

4th Oct 2009, 22:25

I too bought a Ford Escape new in Sep 2002.

Not a lot of problems.

Had to replace the control mod for the electric windows at about 70,000 miles. Then without any warning at all, the transmission went. Had it towed to a transmission repair shop and rebuilt. Within a month of this, the check engine light came on, EGR valve replaced, light off for a week, back on again, replaced a sensor light, off for now.

Driving on Interstate 95 at about 70 mph, the transmission just let go. I can get it to go into reverse and move, but nothing forward. Got a 1 year, 12000 mile warranty on the 1st repair. As soon as it is fixed, it's going away. Looking at a foreign make for now.

24th Oct 2009, 18:33

Bought a 2007 Ford Escape with 3600 km, and 2 years later at 60K's while at the dealership fixing another problem, the tranny went in their hands. Just got it fixed, but I am not sure if they replaced the tranny with a new one or they just replaced the parts, or if they gave me a rebuilt one. I will be contacting them next week to ask again what they actually did. My husband says that if they did not put a brand new one in, he will be taking the next step. Does anyone know if there is a way I can tell if this is a new tranny or a rebuilt one? Can anyone help?

26th Jan 2010, 19:53

Add me to the list. I've been very happy with my 2002 Ford Escape. Had regular maintenance, followed the guidelines in the manual. Didn't have anymore repairs with this vehicle than any other ones I've owned, but at 130,000 miles my transmission is out and the estimated cost to put in a re-manufactured with labor is around $3100... I thought at first I would do it, but now I'm hesitating over all the comments I've read. I would pay for the repair if I thought I would be able to drive it for another few years, since I don't have a car payment at the present time. Kind of interesting that the transmission went right after we had a few cold days of 10-15 degree weather... mine would go in reverse and low gears, but not driver or overdrive!

29th Jan 2010, 10:36

January 29, 2010

2002 Ford Escape XLT. Bought used in June 2007 with 34,000 miles. Happy with it until now. At 74,000 miles the O/D started flashing and the OBD II. I took it to the dealer and guess what... needs a transmission. They wanted $4144. Got second opinion and they are getting the same part that the dealer was going to get for $2833. Went to the BBB website and found this shop that has been opened for 32 years. Good ratings. They go through the Ford Dealer to buy the transmission, but without the huge markup. Picking up today. Husband has 1996 Ford T-Bird V8 at 199,000 miles and not a tranny issue in sight. I think that Ford only makes good V8's and anything else will fall apart. For the T-Bird they had replaced after the warranty expired an Intake Manifold and sensors. Was not a recall, but Ford Canada called it an Owners Notification. Ford paid the entire bill and I was going to call Canada for this also, but from reading the comments on this site it sounds like a waste of time. Trying to be positive and hope this is my first and last one.

MC-Las Vegas.

11th Feb 2010, 22:59

You can also add me to the LONGGGGGGGG list of 02 Ford Escape owners with... bum bad a bum... transmission failure. Go figure!!!

I always told myself never to buy a FORD, but they got me. And now I am looking at $3000 to rebuild or replace with minimal guarantees that it won't happen again.

I have 134k miles and have been unable to drive it (for a year) because I can't swallow the thought of paying that much money, only to have to eventually replace the tranny again.

I had an Acura Integra when I was younger; only did the basics to it, oil change, brakes, tires, etc and that puppy ran to 225,000 miles with only having to replace the muffler.

I wish there was a way to get FORD to pay for our repairs... it just seems unfair - there are obviously issues.

21st Feb 2010, 17:39

I'm a 2002 Ford Escape XLT owner, and love my SUV with 153,000 miles. With regular maintenance this SUV has provided superior performance all around. The tow package has been great for towing my boat during the summer, and has a great traction system for getting around during the winter months.

I've been a Ford owner for over 40 years, and believe that Ford strives in providing the best quality and service an American company can provide.

Keep up the great job FORD!!

25th Feb 2010, 14:31

I bought a brand new 05' Ford Escape in April of 2005.

I commute about 75 miles round trip a day, so I have put some miles on the car, but I was still under 100,000 after nearly 5 years. I'm at about 96,000 miles.

Two weeks ago, I start the car and put it into reverse, and it just dies. I start it again fine, but as soon as I get it out of park, it dies.

I get it towed to the dealership, and they say the transmission is shot and it will cost $3800 to repair! I was hoping to keep this car for a while since I enjoyed driving it, so I had been extra careful about scheduled maintenance, oil changes, etc. I've spent a lot of money maintaining this car, and of course the warranty ended early last year.

I googled Ford Escape Transmissions, and the results were mostly consumer websites with complaints about blown transmissions in Ford Escapes. I can't believe Ford has never addressed these problems, as it seems there have been a multitude of them.

Needless to say, I will NEVER EVER buy a Ford again.