1989 Ford Escort Pony 1.9 from North America


Best car I owned


Only issues I had were the trans shifter busted loose from the trans. Welded back on, and was good to go for another 80k miles.

Had to replace the clutch early, but that's because I was smoking the tires at school, because I was told the little thing couldn't smoke them. I won that bet BTW.

General Comments:

This was my first car. I was the third owner. Beat the hell out of it. Like I said, I would smoke the tires. Drag raced an Olds Delta 88 and won. Fast, sharp car with the power to pull a small fishing boat and pop up camper with ease.

Never leaked or burnt oil. Took it off road several times, and it ran like a champ and kept up with the trucks.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2015

1989 Ford Escort Pony from North America


A rolling disaster!


Dashboard and stereo speakers rotting out.

The engine control computer went bad.

Light bulbs constantly burning out.

Windshield washer spray motor burnt out.

Horn stopped working.

Rear hatch shocks failed about the third year of ownership.

The most persistent problem was the constant motor & transmission mounts breaking. They pulled out the electrical cooling fan wires, so the following day, after repairs from the dealer, it was overheating. So back to the dealer I have to go again; another $200.00 dollars for an engine wire loom. It was a total headache, this car.

General Comments:

This car was the worst mess I have ever driven. It was unreliable, and the ride was very harsh. I had other problems with it, but if I included them all; I'm sure the reader wouldn't believe me, because the list is so long. But I'm telling you the truth. Hand on the Bible. I had to almost check daily under the hood to make sure things were in place where they should be. I almost had to change every part in the car for the 5 years I used it. After the second year, it was in the shop every couple of months for some big cost repair.

While my friends and their cars were going all over town with money in their pocket to spend on fun, my money was going to the Ford mechanic & the auto parts stores that were in business at the time.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2010

1989 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


Love at first sight!


NOTHING! Actually one of the belts is squealing a bit, but that's gonna be fixed soon.

General Comments:

I have NEVER had any problems with this car. It's red on red, so it's kind of an overload on red, but I love it.

I took the car in recently for a check up, and nothing is wrong with it. I bought it from an old woman that had bought it new, and I got it with 87,777km on it, and I have pushed it to 90,750km in the three months I have owned it.

I love it, and it is super reliable.

Decent on gas, but I wouldn't brag about the fuel economy.

My favourite part about the car is the plush seats; very comfortable to drive in.

I drove 800km a couple days after I bought it, and it was very comfortable. Not bad looking either!

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2010

7th Jun 2013, 20:04

My first Escort was 1985-1/2 5 speed diesel. It was the most amazing car I have ever owned. Wish I hadn't sold it for a stupid rear seal leak issue. My dad bought it at auction in 1987 for $4000 (I think people were afraid to bid on an unknown diesel car - it was worth a lot more at that time). I owned it for 11 years and it had a little over 200,000 km on it.

Went through a couple of other vehicles after that (early 90's OMNI being the most disastrous vehicle I have ever owned) and then found an 89 Escort wagon for $2400 about 9 years ago. I have put about another $2500 into it in repairs and maintenance (rebuilt tranny, struts, tie rod ends and ball joints, CV joint battery cable and battery, alternator, brakes). Even though it is a 4 cylinder automatic (miss the standard) it has been a reliable beater that is good on gas (still nothing compared to the 1000 km per 9.9 gallon tank I got on the old diesel).

At this point I find Escorts were one of the best built cars Ford ever produced. Everything is in the right place and easy to access, good on fuel, my 89 didn't even start rusting out until about 3 years ago (at 20 years of age and 210,000 km).

Every Escort owner I have talked to has said they won't sell it, but will drive it till they have to call the scrap dealer to haul it away. I guess that's why Ford stopped making them. Which was a stupid decision, because if I could upgrade to a new Escort, I would buy one. Especially a diesel version.

Don't get me wrong, I've owned other Fords. The 79 Mustang Mach II being among the worst built vehicles I've owned, even though it was pretty. I'm an Escort fan, and will probably look for a newer one when this one finally dies.