1989 Ford Escort XR3i 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Old Skool, Cool or Uncool?


Severe rust around the fuel filler cap.

Water got into the headlights.

Engine ran on after the ignition was switched off.

General Comments:

Lost my company car when I changed my job, and had this off a family member as a stop gap.

Although a bit chavy nowadays (maybe they always have been), I remember always wanting one back in the eighties, so this for me was a bit of nostalgia.

The XR3i is a good car. It is far surpassed in performance terms by newer cars, but it handles well and is a comfortable place to be. It is quickish, and the unassisted steering is not too heavy. The interior has dated badly, but that is part of its charm.

Only owned it for a year, but had great fun doing so. You can pick them up for next to nothing, and they make a great shed.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2009

27th May 2009, 08:19

Definitely "un-cool" as they come man. I'd have more luck with the ladies in a 76 Pinto Wagon. Hell a Gremlin would have better curb appeal. Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't hear rappers go on about their Escorts on 24"s.

1989 Ford Escort pony from North America


Not made for service beyond three years


Constant motor& transmission mounts, rear wheel bearings, front struts, a/c blower fan, dashboard bulbs, pre heater hose, two engine control modules, two starter motors, front cv boots, plastic vacum connectors, master cylinder. A dealer had to replace recalled catalyst converter, stereo speakers disintegrated plus all the regular costs of required service brakes, fluids, etc.

General Comments:

I honestly tell you it was the biggest mistake I could have made. It was my first new car and I had hoped to have it several years after it was paid off. I took care of it like the manual stated but it didn't make much difference. After the third year, it seemed to break down or needed some kind of service every three months or so. I know it sounds silly, but you almost had to check under the hood after the end of each driving day. Because if you didn't, when you did get around to check, things would be coming apart! Hoses, connectors, bolts, seeps and leaks; really I mean it! Would you believe things went out under warranty during the second year of ownership? Twice for electronic distributor module. I mean stranded at night both times. I had payments of $222.13 for five years. It ran 2 months more after the last payment then the transmission went out. All of that money and repair expense and I'm left with nothing. The used car place offered me $100.00 for it. I won't forget it! Had I bought that used Cressida that I looked at before I went to the Ford lot, I truly believe I would have had better service from it, even as unattractive as the body style was at that time. I think it was a 1986 Toyota Cressida. I was sold on the Escort because of the electric seat belts. What was I thinking? I let a fancy seat belt cloud my judgment and it cost me dearly.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2008

19th Mar 2009, 19:42

Still driving my 1987 Escort Pony, March 2009 and going strong... Presently up to 44,000 miles with only minor repairs so far. Replaced one CV boot and the throttle linkage bushings. 35mpg on the highway... still stiff competition for the new economy cars!

27th Mar 2009, 04:35

My car's running fine, you must have bought a lemon or something. I've got my pony running 22 years strong now, makes an occasional ticking noise, but 22 years you might start to see some problems.

3rd May 2009, 16:37

1987 Gl 5 speed 4 door hatchback. 295,000 still running strong. No internal engine work yet. Timing belt every 60,000. Oil & filter changes every 3,000 - 3,500. I have also replaced anything else that goes bad. The typical stuff; brakes, clutch, sensors etc.. This car is nothing pretty to look at, but everything works. These were good cars. You can't drive anything for free.