1989 Ford Escort Bonus 1.3 HCS from UK and Ireland


Cheap and cheerful


Boot leaking and somehow flowing and creating a puddle under the passengers seat!!

Various other leaks.

General Comments:

This car is ideal for a first time buyer its quick off the mark and is good on fuel. it is good for doing wheel spins and handbrake turns and can beat many other "boy racer" cars off the mark. I have had 115mph out of this car and it was still going when I had to slow down!! (down hill)

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Review Date: 10th November, 2002

1989 Ford Escort GT 1.9 from North America


Great car as long as you put average miles on it


There always seemed to be something wrong with the car.

Front end needed to be replaced 3 times during the time I owned it.

Clutch went at 75,000, and again at 140,000 miles.

Brakes constantly needed repair.

Starter and battery replaced 3 times each.

Motor mounts broke ~ 125,000.

Air conditioner broken (broke when I received the car)

General Comments:

Given the amount of miles that I put on the car, understandably repairs were needed.

No matter what was wrong with the car at the time, I was always able to make it home, or to a repair shop.

Excellent insurance rates.

Great gas mileage.

Paint still looked like new in January 2002.

Handled great in Michigan weather.

Handles turns with great ease.

In my opinion, for the 6 years that I owned the car and the 120,000 miles I put on it, the repairs were less than one would imagine.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

2nd Jan 2011, 11:14

I have a 1989 Escort GT with a 1.9L high output engine now, and the guy who owned it had drove it harsh, and ripped many things apart, and I can't believe the amount of reliability. It starts in -35 degree weather with no problem; the heater isn't the greatest though.

Gas is great, especially when you have a very long commute.

Overall a great car, good engine, and comfortable. Very good for a first time driver, manual shift or not.

1989 Ford Escort LX 1.6 CVH from UK and Ireland


Nippy and flimsy, but fun and cheap


Overheated due to faulty fan switch, I replaced it and it was OK then.

Engine is a bit loose, bought some mountings (£36 for the two on the far side of it), not fitted them yet.

Usual wear and tear. Replaced radio and speakers, had to really, the stock radio is very dated.

General Comments:

Quite a nippy torquey engine for a 1.6 carbourettor engine, handling wasn't too bad for a ford, but after new back tires (budget ones), the handling had bad under-steer and handled like a brick in water, fun, very predictable if you don't push it too much. Oh and it's always been a bit bouncy.

Road noise is acceptable. Wind noise is OK, comfort is OK too.

Engine sounds quite good for it's type as long as the camshaft isn't on it's way out.

The body is good too, it's red and black PVC coated half way down, paintwork is very good. No rust work to do this year yet.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

1989 Ford Escort XR3I 1.6 Fuel Injection from UK and Ireland


A reliable and quick car stuffed with electric gizmos


The car has worn the miles well with only the Alternator needing replacing and a new exhaust downpipe. I have also replaced the tappets to eliminate the slight ticking noise caused by the high mileage.

General Comments:

This car is excellent, it has been very reliable considering the mileage, it still pulls like it has 30000 on the clock.

It handles just right, nice and flat around corners, although the ride may be a little harsh for the British roads.

I have yet to find any rust on the car and goes through mots without any problems.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

11th Nov 2002, 10:45

September of 2002, I reconditioned the head, ground the valves etc, and added a new standard cam. What a difference, it's a totally different car, much better on pick up and a lot more pull above 4000rpm. If your CVH has more than 100000 miles its very worthwhile to do this.