18th Jul 2009, 10:18

I'd like to find out what the problem was with the oil tube trumpet. Mine builds up pressuse and burns oil on the highway.

29th Jul 2009, 02:09

I'm thinking that it is the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve that plugged up in this case. If this valve plugs, blow-by gases in the engine will not be able to escape, resulting in a pressure build-up in the crankcase. (It will try to come out any way it can, including the dipstick tube!) This will also cause oil leakage and consumption problems as well!! Good luck with that.

11th Sep 2009, 21:25

That is the PCV valve causing the howl, mine does it and I just replaced it and made sure the hose is not restricted!

3rd Aug 2010, 01:44

I have a 1998 Escort ZX2, performance suspension, plugs wires, ECU, fuel system, and I race my ZX2 every weekend. I slam the gears and slide corners when I drive, I beat the heck out of my Escort ZX2 and I have put 125k miles on it beating the crap out of it 24/7 redline RPMs, burn outs, 135 MPH+ on the highway for an hour at near redline. I have done nothing to the car but a tranny flush, and a few random oil changes and new plugs and wires, in 125k miles over 6 years. It still runs smooth, shifts smooth, and does over 100 before the end of the on ramp. I love my ZX2.

26th Dec 2014, 01:28

The Ford Escort ZX2 is an import, made in Mexico. At least mine is.

26th Dec 2014, 01:40

1998 ZX2.

This car has been pretty reliable so far. It has had a few problems, like the A/C quit working and had to be replaced, the long serpentine belt kept slipping, and the belt tensioner had to go.

There is some noise coming out of the wheels, so I am pretty sure that the bearings need attention. Also, the tie rod ends will need to get replaced.

It has 102 000 miles and is still running strong.