28th May 2001, 19:13

Hello my name is Carlos Grangeia and I am writing again to tell you that I have a Ford Escort GT 1991 and it's in mint condition. I just got it appraised and it's worth 10,300.00 Canadian believe it or not because I have new rims, lowered suspension and an amazing stereo system.

Let me tell you, that if I ever have to buy another car it will definitely be a Ford Escort GT. I am 20 years old and that car is like a watch, working no problem. Sweet, all the girls love it, I get a lot of comments because you know why that was the best car of it's time. I love it and people who try to tell me that it's not good, it's because they are jealous because they don't have one.

Once again thanks for having me on and if you have any questions you can call me in Canada, Ontario 9057166183 or you can always email me at grangeia@home.com

14th Aug 2002, 06:54

Hey I had a 91 ford escort GT pony. As far as I knew when I got it it had been in one wreck. i loved it to death, but traded it in on a truck, but I am now in the process of getting it back.

23rd Oct 2002, 11:27

I had 2 GT's The first one I gave to my son recently. He wrecked it in 23 days. It had 255,000 miles on it. It still had original clutch, cv joints, exhaust, alternator, water pump. The timing belt had only been changed once at 90,000 miles. It hardly used any oil. The body and paint were still excellent. Absolutely the best car I ever owned. The other one I have has 120,000 miles on it. I'm looking forward to having many fairly trouble free miles.

30th Oct 2002, 01:18

If a 1991 Escort GT is worth over 10 grand, the stereo must be worth about $9000. LOL.

The Escort GT is a fabulous car, no bones about it... great peppy little engine, great hot-hatch looks, and it's economical to boot! I had a 1995, but I had to trade it for the ZX2...I don't regret the trade, but I do miss my old 1995. :)

8th Mar 2005, 00:03

I just recently purchased my 1991 Escort GT, it is a great car it sounds real good going down the road and is super fast and looks very good to. Ford really did it this time, right on Ford!!

Thanks: Josh from Michigan

24th Sep 2005, 16:47

My first car out of college was a new 1991 Ford Escort GT. It was fantastic. I drove it across the US several times. I lived in Arizona, California, and Wyoming with this car. I remember cruising through Arizona and Utah at greater than 125 mph. Wow. Unfortunately, some idiot in Denver decided he didn't need to stop at a red light and T-boned by car - it was a total loss.

Fast forward to 2005. I was driving around the used car sale lot on a military base and there sat a white 1991 Ford Escort GT just like the first one I owned. I bought it for $750. I have so far put in armor-coated headers from Pacesetter, a new catalytic converter, a Pacesetter Cat-Back exhaust system, all new struts and springs (the originals were busted up badly - apparently something common in Ford of the era), a Sony XPlode stereo with Kicker speakers in the front, and Xplode speakers in the rear, which I had to mount on the deck, and 18 inch Forte rims with some seriously low profile tires. It is pretty fast, though I think I'll get some more performance out of it with a new ignition system. It has been reliable, but I am going to check the timing belt pretty soon. I have a cross-country trip coming up. I'm confident it will go well. Next up: a new paint job - probably white with Ford GT style blue stripes. Oh, I also have a new valve cover on the way that has been powder coated red. One more thing, all the suspension bushings are shot - urethane replacements are on the docket as are new suspension pieces in the rear, and maybe a new steering gear up front.

This car is fun, easy to work on, and cheap to drive. My SUV is sitting and collecting dust.


Colorado Springs, Colorado.

19th Dec 2006, 07:38

I must have bought a lemon because my escort would only go up to 59 MPH and it shook so badly that driving or riding in it gave everyone a headache. Also overheated after countless repairs...

5th Jan 2009, 21:40

I am an old duffer compared to you "kids" out there, but I couldn't resist. My wife and I bought our 1991 Escort Pony new. We were raising a family so couldn't afford anything but a "Plain Jane". It didn't even have a radio! We live in Montana, so the only important thing was a heater. This car is "my car". My wife can't drive it because she never learned how to drive a standard shift. (I bought a standard for the slightly better gas mileage. Also, a standard is sometime better in the snow.) She has driven the other family cars with automatics. This car consistently gets 36-38 mpg. It is by far the best car we've owned. Other than a minor problem like the sun visor breaking, we have had absolutely no problems with this car. Right now, I'm upset, because a young man plowed into the front end causing $1400 worth of damage. I will fix it, though, and want to drive it until either it dies or I die. Ford probably quit making them because they are bullet proof!

17th Sep 2009, 20:36

My name is ERIC; I live in Chattanooga Tennessee. I bought my 91 Escort new, but now it has almost 300.000 miles on it and runs as good as new with no smoke and lots of power.

This car has been a blessing to me, but I use to drive it very hard like high speed cornering, racing etc. and it would take all that I could dish out.

My back bumper is starting to dry-rot and the window trim flake/crack, but overall this is still a great car. THANK YOU FORD!

3rd Jan 2010, 19:59

I've got a 91 GT that I race on a dirt track, and it is a top 3 car every race I'm in.. I love showing the Honda Vtec driver that a Ford can kick their a$$. It is the best race car I have ever had... RACE ON...

5th Feb 2010, 14:53

I bought it brand spanking new, a 1991 Ford Escort GT, 5-speed, loaded with everything offered for that year and model; sunroof, PS, PB, PM, auto-belts, A/C and cruise control.

I agree with many of you... It was, hands down, the best car I ever owned in my life. I'm 46 years old and I've had many, many cars. It was my primary means of transportation for 16 years, I drove it everyday, it ALWAYS started (except when my battery went dead, then I just pushed and jumped in, car was very lightweight and easy to push start).

I had it up to 127mph, best gas mileage I recorded was 33mpg highway, and with the 15 inch Eagle GT's and independent suspension, it would rip up a mountain road better than any Mustang or Camaro, maybe not going up, but coming down it would. It didn't have the torque to climb, but it stuck like glue screamin down the other side.

The first brake job was at 82,000 miles, the timing belt was changed once at 120,000 miles, and at 190,000 miles the starter went, think I paid about 90 bucks for another starter. That's it, 90 dollars total for unscheduled maintenance after 232,000 miles, un-freakin-believable.

The car has since been retired after a 60 mph collision with a deer one morning. I will never forget her, best damn car anyone has ever known 'sniff' :) seriously tho, Great, GREAT CAR, I would love to find another one in like new condition.

30th Jun 2010, 14:35

I am another 1991 Escort GT fan. I bought one used in 1996 and still have it. I wanted a 5-speed, but this one is an automatic. The transmission is near its end and I would like to put in a 5-speed manual. Can anyone tell me where I can find a parts car? I am told it needs to be a GT model because the parts are different from the non-GT.

1st Jul 2010, 12:40

Although I have not personally owned an Escort since 1981 (and it was a great, though very under-powered car), I recommended a 1993 Escort to a handicapped friend of mine to replace his horribly unreliable Japanese import. Due to his handicap it was very important that his car be very reliable. His Escort was one of the most reliable cars he ever owned. It served him flawlessly for many miles. These were very well-built, reliable vehicles.

1st Jul 2010, 14:10

Horribly unreliable Japanese import, huh? Well the Escort, in 1993, was essentially a Mazda and therefore Japanese!

1st Jul 2010, 15:21

...in design only. And the 1.9L engine was a Ford design.

Yes, the Escort was based on the Mazda 323, but a different car none the less.

1st Jul 2010, 16:42

Actually my handicapped friend's previous car WAS a Mazda. It was built in Japan before Ford took over Mazda and substantially increased the reliability and build quality. We also owned an 80's Mazda, and it was a mechanical nightmare with constant problems.

1st Jul 2010, 17:32

Actually the GT had a 1.8L MAZDA engine in it for 1993.

Different car none-the-less, but still JAPANESE!