4th Oct 2002, 05:55

I am also having many of these problems, especially the engine reving, but it happens on mine nearly all the time.

A few other things that have happened to mine are:

1. Boot lock jambed and can only be open with the boot release button.

2. Airbag light is flashing (4 times then pause)

3. Overheats when in slow moving traffic.

(Did you find out why the engine revs funny?)

2nd Feb 2003, 18:45

I've had the fuses short on my escort with the boot release, heated window and rear fog all going on and off completley random.

Also my drivers seat padding has pushed through to the metal and had to be replaced, anyone else this?

2nd Apr 2003, 05:40

My issue is poor idling. It doesn't stall, but moves between 850rpm to just over 1000rpm...it went back twice under warranty and once to a ford garage who all couldn't find the fault. Not a big problem just one of those niggly ones. I have had to replace the clutch at 28k and cat about 50k which aren't cheap... I love the car loads and have left standard except for tinting the windows to keep my son cool in the sun. I would reccomend it as for me it represents value for money and lovely looks. good mpg if you drive sensibly too!.

26th May 2003, 13:54

The poor idling problem is caused by the pressure control valve,it is probably blocked, i had the same problem on my escort gti, idle speed went up and down then stalled. now that I have had it changed it is running perfectly.

8th Jul 2003, 05:04

I have had my Escort GTI for approx 2 years now and after about 6 months the boot lock went. it can only be released by the boot catch inside. - Any ideas.?

Also, as in other comments ive seen, there is a constant squeak from the front of the car, especially when going over bumps. - I have had this checked out on several occasions and replaced the bushes and the suspension arms, but to no avail. - Again any ideas.?

Other than these minor faults my car is sound, it runs OK with no modifications. - nice motor.

21st Jul 2003, 15:30

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the similarities between the problems I face and those mentioned here.

Here is a list of my problems for my 1.8 Si 1996 Escort.

- Squeaking noise from front right wheel (someone said it might be the wishbone suspension, but others say it is prob just a dry bolt or something underneath the rubber which nothing can be done about without paying lots of money).

- My electrics also go crazy. My back wiper, rear heater, rear fog light and boot release button don't always work intermittently.

- Boot does always shut (only after two or three attempts)

- Airbag warning light flashes about 4 times (To remedy this, I open and blow into the yellow connector to the lower right side of the driver's seat).

- Engine at idle sometimes sits at about 1100 instead of 850.

- More serious of all, when changing gears, as I depress the clutch completely, the engine revs UP and continues to do so even though I am not even touching the accelerator. While coming to a standstill therefore I'm like almost 5mph and the revs are actually going up to 2500. I have to try to stall it to bring it down.

I won't be buying ford again. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know by replying here.

10th Nov 2003, 12:32

I own a ford escort gti 98 model.

My car also made the the funny noise from the front of the car. I was then told to change the rubber were the downpipe meets the exhaust manifold, problem solved.

Also the escort gti doesn't really adapt well to an induction kit, it will make the car idle erratic.

Mint Car!!!1.

28th Jan 2004, 08:09


I really thought it was just my Escort GTi that had the over revving problem... thank god its not! I have had I repaired soo many times, but yet it is still doing it!

Thanks for the tips anyway.


20th Mar 2004, 05:34

20 MARCH 2004 problem with drive shaft I am told, but it keeps coming back. Whenever I brake I can hear a loud knocking noise underneath the car (one or two loud clicks).I taken car to garage three times and had work done on drive shaft, but problem keeps coming back within a few weeks. If brake pedal is pushed whilst car is stationary no noise can be heard. 97 Escort GTI.

26th Mar 2004, 07:11

Over revving is a common problem on MK6's and can be fixed easily. It's the idle control valve. Costs about 30-50 from Ford. Get this replaced and it will be fine.

Also the boot is a common problem, but not really that much of an issue; think it's an earthing problem and not the 3 pin contacts.

I've had my GTi now for 4 years with no problems whatsoever, had a new clutch recently, but that's more down to the way I drive it; the way it should be driven :o)

8th Apr 2004, 12:04

Iam from scotland also got a gTI fist of induction kit works fine if cleaned and oilEd, as for front end squeaks try a little grease round top of rubber at strut tops. as for boot probs wd 4o,to get the most out of the car performance wise.chance cams / chip /kn air 57i /boost valve.and a good set of SHOCKS change rear drums for rs 2000 rear discs.

2nd Aug 2004, 17:26

I run a 1997 Escort Gti and have a problem with the engine revving between 500 and 2000 rpm when cold, tried to find this fault since November, otherwise an excellent car, watch out for dodgy ht leads causing erratic acceleration.

15th Sep 2004, 05:58

I have owned a 98 GTi for 6-months and had very few problems. The front wishbone bushes required changing, but this was a cheap and fairly simple job. I have one nagging problem that I have noticed on a few other Escorts, the door open indicator stays on all the time. I have checked/cleaned or changed all the door switches with no success. Any tips?

15th Sep 2004, 06:02

The problem with the boot lock not working maybe the same as my problem. The lock jams up and will require removing and treating with WD40 firstly and then a thin oil. There is a hole in the top of the lock to allow entry to the workings. Simple job to remove and re-fit. Hope this helps.

7th Oct 2004, 17:24

If it were my car I'd just pull the fuse out. This will stop the airbag from being triggered, although you might want to pull the instrument panel out and take the bulb out of the warning light which will probably stay on permanently when you take the fuse out. Less irritating than the flashing though I suppose.

Some experts estimate that as many as 50% of airbags in all makes of car are duds and will never go off in a shunt anyway. I T-boned a myopic 3-series driver at 40 mph in a 2 month old Peugeot 206, and the bag didn't deploy. Seat belt and crumple zones did their job and I walked away. Airbags are marketing nonsense, and not much else.