1997 Ford Escort LX Wagon 2.0 from North America


Umm, okay


Both lower ball joints needed instant replacement.

Exhaust from cat to muffler had to be replaced at 85k miles.

Brakes wear quickly.

Makes the most terrible noise driving over bumps. Not sure what it is, but it sounds like something's very loose. Please help me there, if you can.

Tires wear quick up front.

Back windshield wiper stopped working 2 days ago for some unknown reason.

Paint peels, even though I've had it professionally re-painted.

Had to replace all four struts with new quick struts.

General Comments:

I don't mind the car, even with the aforementioned problems listed. I've had 3 Ford Escorts in my short driving career, and the others were just terrible (95 wagon, and 99 sedan). This one seems to be somewhat reliable, but the problem is when I go over bumps at speed (50-65 mph), it makes a terrible clunking sound. Also when I'm going around 40 mph, the sound is VERY noticeable and doesn't go away until I increase my speed, which doesn't feel comforting.

Other than that, got it at a good price and have put in the necessary parts for replacement. Has anyone encountered this noise before?

Please help me!

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Review Date: 13th May, 2013

14th May 2013, 09:24

Your description of the noise is lacking specifics. Please go to http://www.fordforum.com/forum/ and post your question there.

14th May 2013, 10:34

The noise you are hearing is probably a CV joint. You said you replaced your struts, possibly a wheel bearing, or could be a motor mount. Do you have excessive vibrations when cold?

1997 Ford Escort SE 2.0 from North America


Good and dependable small car


The fuel pump had a problem when we got the car. It would take a few tries to get the car running. Starts right up since it is fixed.

Flex pipe clamp broke recently, and seems like an easy and cheap fix.

There are 2 rust spots (one under the driver's door, and another under where you put the gas in). They started after the car was 11-12 years old.

General Comments:

It is not the most comfortable car, but thinking of its size, it is just fine for me.

She handles very good and is very responsive. Overall, I am pretty happy. I have 205/50/15 performance tires on it, but it's still very good on snow or in the rain.

Very good on gas and very cheap maintenance.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2012

1997 Ford Escort LX 2.0 from North America


The Terminator in disguise


It's like a smokescreen everytime we drive somewhere, considering this car has a smoking habit.

Leaks oil 24/7.

Car just hours ago got towed to the shop for having a destroyed timing belt.

General Comments:

Honestly, this car is like an army tank with an engine. Heck, a machine gun couldn't even leave a dent in this car. Though it does seem to have a cigarette addiction (it smokes like crazy), it has not once left me stranded. This was formerly my dad's car, and once it escapes the shop, it's all mine. I remember driving through a forest fire on my way to Olympia, and not a singe. Talk about bulletproof.

Amongst other things, the car has an awesome stock stereo system. I was at first considering replacing it with a Monsoon, but I would just be chasing gremlins having to hook it up to the car.

Escorts, typically this generation, are known for their weak engines. Just a few hours ago, the car got towed to the shop for having a busted belt.

Other than that, it is surprisingly roomy. I can fit my entire drum set in the back seat. Seriously though, this car is like Kenny from South Park. IT NEVER DIES.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2012

19th Jul 2012, 16:34

Sounds like the only thing this car "terminates" is itself.

19th Jul 2012, 20:45

I find this review great!

I had a 1987 Escort hatchback that I nicknamed Christine, because it took a beating and kept on ticking. I truly believe nothing would stop that car from running. We did a lot of minor work, and once replaced the transmission with a rebuilt one. It was worth it. I drove that car until it had about 300,000 miles on it. It was a great first car, but the head gasket went and that was it. I was still about to drive it to and from work when it went, because I only lived about a mile from work. It started smoking at work.

I do remember my car having a "smoking" problem as well. People would tell me at lights, "hey your car is smoking." I would look and say "yes, I know." It never broke down as a result of the smoke, and it wasn't all the time.

All in all, it was a good car.

So far Fords have been the best cars I've owned.

20th Jul 2012, 13:06

Agreed, My Escort had been through at least 7 different accidents, yet it still refused to die on me.